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ACCA students from Xi'an Eurasian College of Accounting participate in "career development day" recruitment event

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Original title: ACCA students from Xi'an Eurasian College of Accounting participate in "career development day" recruitment event

In order to allow students to make the best workplace choices and continue to invest in the development of their own functions, the School of Accounting of Xi'an Eurasia College organized 2016, Level 17 ACCA students to Xi'an Jiaotong University on November 23, 2019 to participate in the ACCA Chartered Association of Certified Accountants The first "Xi'an ACCA Career Development Day" co-organized with Xi'an Jiaotong University.

(Xi'an Eurasia College organizes students to Xi'an Jiaotong University)

(Group photo of teachers and students of Xi'an Eurasia College)

The organizers of this event jointly opened a special job fair for finance and accounting elites in conjunction with four major accounting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and well-known domestic accounting firms, as well as 20 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises such as Shaanxi Coal Group and Shaanxi Investment Group. Provide more than 200 financial employment positions and opportunities to directly communicate with famous company HR. The event consists of two parts, the Career Development Forum and the Elite Job Fair.

(Ms. Shao Nan, Chief Representative of ACCA North China delivered an opening speech)

The "Career Development Forum" invited famous corporate finance directors and data experts to analyze ACCA students and members in the context of the rapid development of artificial intelligence and shared service centers around the theme of "Leveraging digital transformation to unlock talent potential". Or how new people who are about to enter the workplace should improve themselves and respond to the needs of employers or jobs.

(Career Development Forum site)

Mr. Li Qiang, Chief Accountant of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. analyzed the talent needs brought by the digital financial transformation, and emphasized the changes in the three core directions of the company's "operational support", "value creation" and "risk management and control" in the new environment. New capabilities and opportunities needed for new talents.

(Mr. Li Qiang, Chief Accountant of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.)

Wu Jincao, chief analyst of China National Securities Education Co., Ltd. started with "what is finance" to analyze the development path of financial students in China's capital market. Han Tao, a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, introduced the great changes in digitalization of PricewaterhouseCoopers to help you complete the new financial accounting workplace planning in the digital age.

(Mr. Wu Jincao, Chief Analyst of IFC Securities Education)

(Mr. Han Tao, Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, giving a speech)

During the symposium, the organizers invited Cheng Shu, the person in charge of Chinese and culture, Li Wei, the director of Shaanxi Branch of China Audit Asia-Pacific Certified Public Accountants, and He Cuicui, senior assistant to the chairman of Shaanxi Jinhai Hengye Industrial Group Co., Ltd. "How to adapt to the new needs of financial digital transformation", the theme of "interpreting financial transformation, discussing employment standards, and gaining insights into financial professional and business."

(Expert Sharing Session)

Through the sharing of "career development forum" experts, students learned more about the new industry trends, and the long-awaited "elite job fair" was launched.

("Elite Job Fair" scene)

The students of Xi'an Eurasian College are fully prepared and full of energy, showing a proactive employment mentality. ACCA level 16 prospective graduates came to the booth with their carefully prepared resumes and cover letters, and consulted the recruiting unit on issues such as job content, development prospects, salary and other issues. Grade 17 juniors also asked face-to-face with HR of major companies to ask questions about vacation internship positions, understand industry development and changes in corporate employment standards, and set detailed goals and efforts accordingly In order to improve yourself in all aspects, so that you can find the ideal job when you graduate.

(Xi'an Eurasia College students actively submit resumes)

The job fair was organized in an orderly manner, building a bridge for full communication between graduates and employers. After the event, the students said that the financial positions provided by this job fair are diverse and can meet the different needs of students. I hope to participate in more such job fairs and accumulate experience.

(Xi'an Eurasian College students take the initiative to communicate with HR)

The ACCA project of the Accounting Institute of Xi'an Eurasia College combines international education concepts with industry needs, and is committed to training international application-oriented talents with an international vision, coordinated development of knowledge, ability, and quality. In the future, the School of Accounting will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with ACCA China and more enterprises, participate in or build more high-quality employment platforms, and make unremitting efforts to promote the full employment and high-quality employment of ACCA graduates.

So far, this "ACCA Career Development Day" event has come to a successful conclusion. I hope that ACCAer will soon leave the campus and set off on a new journey.

Source: Xi'an Eurasia College

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