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Unlimited experience or high salary! This kind of recruitment information makes college students take a debt instead of carrying a job.

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One day in March 2019, Xiao Ming, who just graduated from college, saw the recruitment information of Hangzhou Moyi Advertising Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Moyi Company) on the recruitment website and was very impressed, so he submitted his resume.

Soon, Xiaoming received the interview notice from the company. When Xiao Ming entered the interview room, he realized that it was not the Moiyi Company that had interviewed them, but Huaren Human Resources Co., Ltd. After interviewing Xiaoming, Huamian face counseling department said that Xiaoming had no relevant work experience and needed pre-job training before he could get a job.

Inexperienced "training first"

"Interviewees said that after the training, they can stay in the company to work. They can also be arranged in subsidiaries, branches, or other cooperative companies. The annual salary is guaranteed to be 50,000 to 120,000. They also promised the company to train for one month. Then I gave me a living allowance of 3,000 yuan. The interviewer went on to say that the training also requires costs, so the cost of the training is 13,800 yuan. It does n’t matter if you do n’t have any money. The company can help you loan to complete the training, and the repayment pressure is small.

As a newly graduated college student, Xiao Ming has no source of income and does not want to ask his family for money. He thinks that he can have a well-paid job as long as he has participated in the training, so he downloaded a loan app on his mobile phone in accordance with instructions , And completed the loan review according to the answer given by Qu Moumou, and paid the training costs in his own loan.

"Flying Eggs"

However, the so-called training is not genuine. "Training teachers have no training qualifications, and the teaching is very good, and they can't learn anything useful." Students who participated in the training said so. The so-called subsidiaries and branches are also shell companies registered by China's hired shareholders or employees, and there is no actual employment, and the cooperative enterprises are just the companies that China hired from various recruitment platforms that need to be employed. Finding employment and arranging work is just a bait. In the end, I didn't find a job, but took a debt.

Recently, the Gongshu District People's Procuratorate approved the arrest of Hu Moumou and Mao Moumou, shareholders of China Employment Human Resources Co., Ltd. in this case on the crime of fraud. Many people, such as "face counseling department", were convicted of fraud and not arrested.

Gongshu Prosecutor Guided Investigation

"Recruitment and transfer" is a new type of fraud case, which puts on the training coat of fraud. It can be described as "routine fraud". Generally, the number of cases involved is large and the amount is large. It belongs to major difficult and complicated cases. Both investigation and evidence collection work raletively hard.

The procuratorial organs dispatched staff to guide investigations in advance, and participated in collective discussions of cases to determine the direction of investigation and ideas for investigation, based on the principle of “participation without intervention, staff without substitution, guidance without arrangement”, and proposed guidance in a targeted manner, and tracked and implemented the investigation in a timely manner. The authorities checked the situation and guided the investigating authorities to classify and match "one-to-one" the more than 100 victims and suspects involved in the case, which fixed and perfected the evidence for the detection, successfully broke through the case, and effectively improved the quality of the case effect.

Prosecutor reminds:

Recognize "recruitment"

Avoid "routine deception"

This case is the first "recruitment and transfer" fraud case in Hangzhou. "Recruitment and transfer" refers to recruiting employees through the name of the company, deceiving candidates to come for interviews, and then recommending them on the grounds of lack of ability and experience. Candidates participate in paid training.

In this case, the staff of the "Hua Hire Company" first released job information in the name of the "empty" company, tricking candidates to come for interviews, and fictitious pre-employment training and the arrangement of high-paying jobs, so that applicants can obtain The misunderstanding of high-paid work requires candidates to pay high training fees to achieve the purpose of illegal possession, and their behavior conforms to the composition of the crime of fraud.

The scams are mostly young graduates, junior graduates, no graduates who have no work experience, and even school students. Hu Moumou and others said that if people with work experience come to the interview, they will refuse to meet the post or have a low salary. Recruit.

Governance of "recruitment, transfer and training" illegal activities requires the major recruitment websites and competent authorities to fulfill their responsibility for protection and supervision. Job seekers should also improve their awareness of prevention and discrimination in the process of applying for a job. In particular, they should keep their eyes open on recruitment information with low thresholds and high salaries. Don't easily believe in jobs that require the payment of prepayment, clothing, training and other expenses. The industrial and commercial registration, corporate credit, and shareholders of the recruited enterprise can be checked from the website of the Administration for Industry and Commerce and the corporate credit information disclosure system. Once it is found to be deceived, it must be reported to the online platform and public security organs in a timely manner.

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