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  • Today, a picture in Hangzhou was reposted crazy! It is true that this middle school recruited 33 PhD students from Tsinghua University

Today, a picture in Hangzhou was reposted crazy! It is true that this middle school recruited 33 PhD students from Tsinghua University

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Metro Express

This morning, a list of new teacher admissions from Wenyuan Middle School of Xuejun Middle School Education Group was circulated on the Internet. The list of Tsinghua Peking University graduates was almost exhausted, which caused hot discussion among netizens.

The Express reporter confirmed that the list came from the official Weiyuan Middle School of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School Education Group. This morning, the first round of 2020 teacher recruitment was announced. Of the 35 people, 33 of them were graduates from Peking University Tsinghua University. Students, and all have master's degree or above.

The reporter contacted Shangyuanyuan Middle School, and the school responded: "I didn't expect that so many students from Peking University Tsinghua University will come to apply for it, which may have something to do with the overall recruitment situation this year and the school's recruitment methods. Some time ago, we were employed by Peking University Tsinghua University We contacted the office by mail and delivered a total of more than 100 resumes of master's and doctoral students from Qingbei and other prestigious universities. After preliminary screening in Beijing, we invited some students to Hangzhou for a written test interview. Based on the comprehensive performance, the list was finalized. . "

In order to attract outstanding talent, the salary offered by the school is also very attractive. The school said that the income of the teachers on the list was 300,000 before tax. These teachers will come to the school for internships in the future to conduct systematic pre-job training. The school not only recruits fresh graduates from famous universities such as Tsinghua University, but also recruits outstanding students from teachers' colleges and universities, and recruits a group of outstanding leading teachers at the provincial and municipal levels.

In 2020, the school will openly recruit for the society. After written examinations, professional and comprehensive interviews, and through collective research at the conference, the list of candidates for the first round is as follows:

Wenyuan Middle School of Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School Education Group

November 28, 2019

In the past two days, many schools in Hangzhou have been conducting teacher recruitment examinations.

Graduate students and doctoral students from all over the country went to Hangzhou Second Middle School, Hangzhou Xuejun Middle School, and Middle School Affiliated to Zhejiang University to take exams and apply for teachers.

The day before yesterday, Xuejun Middle School's recruitment examination and interview ended; yesterday, Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School's interview ended. In general, the test results will be announced in a day or two.

More than 500 people came to apply

Recruitment ratio 1: 9

This is a unified large-scale direct recruitment by the Hangzhou Education Bureau. There are mainly three types of people participating: graduate students, on-the-job editors and senior teachers. From the information learned by various high schools, the vast majority of applicants are graduate students.

The recruitment of Hangzhou Second Middle School is mainly to reserve teachers for the Hangzhou Second Middle School Qianjiang School opened this year. It recruited a total of 58 people, involving various disciplines, and about 540 people came to register and take exams. In this calculation, the recruiting ratio of 1: 9 is very popular.

Yesterday, more than 500 people filled the two floors of the cafeteria. Take a written test first and then conduct an interview after screening. The interview mainly examines the candidate's professionalism, expertise, interpersonal communication ability, as well as knowledge of the position, professional ability tendency and other aspects.

Mr. Wang, the director of the office, said that the former vice president Yang Fan led the team and visited Shanghai and Beijing several times to set up stalls in Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University and other schools. In the past, there were many teachers recruited, but now there are more students in comprehensive universities.

"Concepts are constantly being updated, just like this time I found more and more boys. In previous recruitments, boys were very prominent among girls because there were too few people. This time more than 500 people, more than 100 were boys , Accounting for 20%, which is very gratifying. "Teacher Wang said that the school recruited two male teachers last year to teach mathematics and has a good academic literacy. This year, he is studying with his post.

More than a dozen applicants from Peking University and Tsinghua University

Xuejun Middle School recruited more than 40 people, and about 300 candidates came from across the country.

Written examinations and interviews are held on the same day. In the morning written examinations, what subjects are reported, the content of related disciplines is tested. At the end of the round, quickly scoring and screening more than 100 people based on their results. In the afternoon, a professional interview and a comprehensive interview will be held in accordance with the ratio of recruiting 1: 5.

The professional interview mainly includes test lectures, professional knowledge quiz, and the head of the teaching and research team acts as the interviewer to ask questions on the spot.

After that, conduct a comprehensive interview. All principals, such as the principal and vice-principals, are interviewers and will ask some comprehensive questions. Why did you choose the profession of teachers? What do you think is your advantage ...

In order to recruit good teachers, several teachers from Xuejun went to Beijing three or four times in the past two months. Mr. Chen Ronghui from the office said, "We have set up a booth on the campus of Peking University. The attraction is still very attractive. Many people are interested in studying in the military and can receive hundreds of resumes in the morning. There are also Beijing Normal University and Beiwai Of students came over to join. "

In terms of resumes, part of them are from Zhejiang Province, and Hangzhou is their first choice when they return to work after graduation. Some came from all over the country, attracted by Hangzhou and attracted by schools.

"On the day of the written test, there were a dozen students from Peking University and Tsinghua University, in addition to graduate students, as well as doctoral students." Teacher Chen said that whether he can be admitted depends on the final results.

Graduates of comprehensive universities are becoming more and more popular

The recruitment of the secondary school affiliated to Zhejiang University has just ended, and the deputy director of the office, Mr. Li Li, has an intuitive feeling that there are more and more candidates for comprehensive universities. The school recruited 3 people and more than 20 people came, half of them from Zhejiang University and other comprehensive universities.

"These students have relatively high professional literacy, solid subject literacy, and bring different perspectives to students. Just as we have enrolled four doctorates in recent years, all graduated from universities such as Zhejiang University. In their own field, professional They have a high degree of education and a wide range of involved. In just two or three years, they have become backbone teachers. "Teacher Li said.

In addition to high school, elementary schools have recently been recruiting.

A well-known public primary school in Hangzhou recruited 4 teachers this time and received two or three hundred resumes. The teacher responsible for recruitment said that this year's recruitment did not go to many places. Most of the normal colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province were recruited, and most of them were normal students, and those who entered the interview stage were basically normal students. So far, this year's recruitment has basically ended, and more satisfactory fresh graduates have also been recruited.

"The fresh graduates we recruit are among the best in the school. These students have received systematic teacher training, usually participate in various competitions, and have many opportunities to exercise. Based on their experience in these years, I personally feel that the primary school stage It is more suitable for teachers who graduate from the normal school, and graduates from comprehensive universities may not be suitable for elementary school teachers. One of the important tasks of a primary school teacher is to communicate with the child, and the expression in the classroom must be understood by the child. On the other hand, normal graduates have an advantage. "

Another well-known private elementary school, although this year's application is mainly for normal students, the school is already leaning towards comprehensive universities when recruiting. The teacher in charge said: "We have a new change this year. There are no professional restrictions on all positions. As long as they meet the requirements and pass our interviews, mathematics majors can also teach science. In the past few years, we have recruited several double-ranked universities to graduate. Students, these teachers are now doing classes while doing projects, and they are developing very well. Compared with normal students, their classrooms are more diversified, and students ’thinking is more open. We believe that as long as they love students and have strong learning ability, I care too much about whether they are teachers or not. In the future, we hope that more graduates from comprehensive universities will apply and that the teaching staff can be more diversified. "

A well-known private junior high school in Hangzhou has recently been busy recruiting teachers. The deputy principal in charge said that some time ago, I had run to Hangzhou Normal University, Zhejiang Normal University and East China Normal University. I would also go to Beijing Normal University and Northeast Normal University at the end of the month. I still have to find a way to recruit good fresh graduates.

"This year's recruitment feels more difficult than in previous years. One aspect is that many graduates would prefer to return to their hometown or in the surrounding urban areas of Hangzhou, rather than to the main urban area, and find that many fresh graduates are required to take postgraduate exams and continue their studies." The principal analyzed.

Regarding whether to recruit graduates from comprehensive universities, the school has also discussed this issue before.

"We feel that junior high schools cannot blindly recruit graduates from comprehensive universities. For junior high school students, teachers have a strong education function, communication with students is very important, and good communication with students can mobilize students in all aspects Motivation. Teacher-graduate graduates have an advantage in this area. In addition, the junior high school learning content itself is relatively shallow. Teachers who graduated from normal teachers can do well in teaching, research, and topics. However, graduates from comprehensive universities must have With our own advantages, we will also see if we need to adjust our recruitment strategy based on the situation. "

Education industry continues to rise

Earlier this month, 36,000 people took part in the Hangzhou Teacher Qualification Examination. In addition to the first half of the year, there were nearly 60,000 teachers in Hangzhou this year. Compared with more than 30,000 people last year, it has almost doubled.

Nationwide, the same is true. 5.9 million people across the country participated in the teacher qualification exam, more than double the number in the first half.

Teacher Chen of Xuejun Middle School also felt that compared with previous years, the education industry became more and more hot. "Before I went to campus to recruit , basically some public schools, I can see schools in Jiangsu, Shandong, Hainan and other places also set up booths. But this year found that in addition to public schools, some training institutions have also entered the campus to recruit , many students are interested Go and submit your resume. "

There are many people who want to be teachers. From the candidates of Xuejun and No.2 Middle School, we can see that there are more top-level college graduates and high-education graduates. The first two days before, the First Affiliated Middle School of Central China Normal University in Hubei announced the list of the first round of teachers' recruitment in 2020. Because these people are all from the top universities in the country such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, and Chinese University of Science and Technology.

After entering the school, some highly educated teachers are subject teachers, and some will also become competition coaches because of their experience in competitions, and take students to play competitions to train top talents on campus.

But is it better to have higher education? Some teachers are very sure that a high academic degree indicates strong learning ability, and a high level of literacy in a certain subject can bring a lot of different perspectives to students. But some schools also encountered some awkward things.

Teacher Zhou of a high school said: "Undergraduates have not left high school for a long time, and they still have a solid knowledge. It is sometimes more beneficial for them to examine subject knowledge in written examinations. Postgraduates spend a long time studying and some people have high expectations of themselves After entering the school, he became slightly impetuous. "He said that the school had recruited a doctoral student, and the school was very optimistic about him, but he resigned the next year because he couldn't adapt to the school's rhythm, saying that getting up too early and stress .

There are also some high-educational new teachers who have no problem learning by themselves, but it is difficult to make the problem understandable to students.

Teacher Zhu of another high school said: "In the first two years of the school, we have recruited high-ranking students from several prestigious universities, but one person soon left the school. I heard that it was a good job to move to a training institution."

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