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2019 Huanggang Huangzhou District, Hubei Public Institution Recruitment Announcement (168) (2)

release: 11-30 Category: Recruitment

Rural underprivileged college students and urban subsistence allowances should first register and pay on the portal of the Huangzhou District People's Government. Rural underprivileged college students who have passed the payment must hold a special poverty certificate issued by the poverty alleviation office (department) of the county (city, district) where their family is located and a basic situation file card (photocopy and stamp) of the special poor family; Candidates for urban families must hold a certificate of minimum living security and a low guarantee (copy) issued by the civil affairs department of the county (city, district) where their family is located, together with a written test admission certificate and their ID card. Within one week after the written test ends Go to the District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to go through the refund procedures.

4. Time to print your admission ticket. From 9:00 on December 11, 2019 to 8:30 on December 14, 2019. Participants in the written test should log in to the entrance to the test registration portal of the Huangzhou District People's Government to download and print the admission ticket (recommended to print 3 copies).

Online registration for technical consultation, payment confirmation, and admission ticket printing consultation telephone: 0713-8111956.

(3) Registration requirements

1. Applicants should fill in the relevant information truthfully and apply in good faith. Applicants should fill in and provide materials in accordance with the requirements of the “Eligibility Criteria for Application” in the Post Form, and be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the information. If the candidate's qualification requirements do not meet the post requirements or the information is incorrect, the consequences will be borne by the candidate himself. Those who provide false application materials and certificates, fill in false information, and deceive the qualifications of the examination, will be disqualified from registration or employment once verified.

In-service civil servants (referring to the Civil Service Law Administrators) apply for the examination, the consent of the unit should be obtained before the application, and the written certification of the unit's consent to the application should be provided during the qualification review before the interview.

2. The ID card used for registration and examination must be the same. Candidates should upload their recent uncovered electronic photo (recent uncovered frontal ID photo, jpg format, width 1-2 cm, height 2-3 cm, size less than 300KB).

3. The correspondence address and telephone number filled in during registration must be true and accurate. Please do not change the telephone number at will for easy contact.

4. In order to guide and encourage college graduates to find employment at the grass-roots level, implement a preferential policy for the “Three Supports and One Support” plan, college student village officials, and college students volunteering to serve the western plan projects (referred to as “three project” staff). As of July 31, 2019, if the service period of the personnel of the “three projects” has expired (the service period must not be less than 2 years) and they pass the assessment and above, they can add 5 points to the written test results converted to the percentage system. Those who have been recruited (employed) as employees of the “Three Projects” as civil servants or public institution staff will no longer enjoy the preferential policy of “three branches and one assistance”.

The personnel of the “three projects” are requested to report to the Personnel Management Unit of the District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau and Institution before December 14, 2019 (Address: Room 412, Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, No. 18, Xihu Third Road, Huangzhou District, Huanggang City, Telephone: 0713-8111956 ) Provide relevant certification materials (including the original and Copy).

(D) qualification review

The examination of the qualifications of applicants is the responsibility of the competent department of the recruitment unit and the recruitment unit, and runs through the entire recruitment process.

1. About the deadline for registration. For the age requirements of each position, please refer to the "Job List". The age deadline is the date of announcement, that is: November 22, 2019 ); Work experience deadline is November 22, 2019; graduation certificate acquisition deadline is July 31, 2019, foreign and overseas students must obtain overseas issued by the China Study Service Center Certificate of education and degree. Candidates who fail to obtain the corresponding certificates upon request are deemed to have given up automatically.

2. About the profession required for the post. For the professional requirements of each position, please refer to the "Job List". The names of the majors refer to the "Special Catalogue of Higher Vocational Education (College) Specialties" issued by the Ministry of Education in 2015 and the Supplementary Specialties in 2016, the "Special Catalogue of Undergraduate Specialties of General Higher Education Institutions" issued in 2012, and "The Award of Doctoral and Master Degrees issued in 1997 The Directory of Disciplines and Specialties for Degree and Cultivating Graduate Students "and the Directory of Degree Granting and Talent Cultivation Subjects (Updated in April 2018) were formulated and clarified one by one according to the undergraduate and graduate professional directories. Similar majors that are allowed to apply for examination are listed one by one to avoid the phenomenon of unclear and difficult to define majors. Some confusing majors with the same name in some disciplines, first-level disciplines and second-level disciplines should be clarified in the form of remarks to avoid ambiguity. For majors not included in the professional catalog of the Ministry of Education, which are closely related to the professional requirements of the post, they can apply for examinations with the consent of the employer.

3. About work experience. Candidates with job experience requirements must provide valid proof of job experience (signed "Labor Contract" or social security payment certificate or salary payment certificate, etc.). University graduates who have not left the university for internship training The experience of the base participating in apprenticeships or participating in project research in enterprises and institutions can be regarded as relevant work experience. College graduates' social practice, internship, and other work experience are not considered professional work experience.

V. Examination

The recruitment is based on a combination of written examinations and interviews.

(A) written test

1. Written test categories. According to the characteristics of the open recruitment industry and the opinions of employers, according to the general management category (A), social science expertise (B), natural science expertise (C), primary and secondary school teachers (D), medical Examination of classification of health (E).

Candidates who fail to take any of the written test subjects are deemed to have given up automatically.

2. Written test subjects, time and place

(1) Time. In the morning of December 14, 2019 (for the specific time schedule, see the written examination admission ticket)

(2) Subjects. "Professional Ability Test", "Comprehensive Application Ability"

(3) Place. For details, refer to the written examination admission ticket.

3. On the definition of the test opening ratio. In order to ensure the quality of candidates and achieve the purpose of competitive selection, in principle, the examination is based on the number of job applicants and applicants not less than 1: 3. After the registration is completed, if the number of applicants does not reach the ratio of 1: 3, the recruitment will be canceled if it is planned to recruit 1 person; if it is planned to recruit 2 or more persons, the number of recruiters will be reduced accordingly. If there is an urgent need for high-level talents and it is really necessary to retain the post, an application must be submitted by the recruiting unit, and the competent department of the recruiting unit shall review (apply directly to the public institution directly under the district) and submit it to the district organization department and district human resources bureau for approval. Candidates who have registered for payment of the cancelled position will be refunded in full through the original payment channel.

4. Written test results query. Written test results are published on the Huangzhou District People's Government portal. For specific inquiries, see related announcements.

(Two) interview

1. Interview content and methods. The interview mainly evaluates the content of the candidates' professional knowledge, business ability, and work skills, as well as the comprehensive quality of the candidates and their ability to solve practical problems in their work. Interview methods are structured interviews, lectures, defenses and talent display.

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