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Daily intern Wang Yawei was recruited at a salary of 100 yuan.

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(Original title: 100 yuan a day internship recruited an intern in the past to raise a brother was spit out "shabby")

Fragrant cars, luxury homes, beauties ... The American movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", based on real life, describes the life of financial tycoon Jordan Belfort's "extreme poverty".

In the TV series "Hunting Ground", the financial giant Chen Xiufeng, played by Hu Bing, lived in a West Lake villa, wore a watch, and drank red wine. He dismissed the annual salary of 6 million yuan and 30% bonus proposed by the headhunter. His wife made money that could last a lifetime in a few years, and his account was 50 times that of his wife. After retiring from the financial circle, in order to practice his skills, Chen Xiufeng lay at home with a partner to discuss a private equity fund for wine options.

Countless film and television dramas and industry legends have shaped the “tall” of the financial circle, and the fund industry, which bears the halo of “annual salary of one million,” attracts graduates from prestigious schools, returnees and Beiqing re-entry.

However, the recent internship information of Qian Jieyuan made many people disillusioned with the high salary of private equity funds.


A daily salary of 100 yuan is too shabby?

The fresh job applicants website shows that Qian Jieben is hiring a quantitative investment assistant intern at a price of 100 yuan / day.

To get this opportunity to work with investment boss Wang Yawei, you need to meet: at least proficient in one of the languages of Matlab, Python and C #; at least 3 days a week, at least 3 months of internship, and 6 months internship is preferred; mathematics, Physics, financial engineering, IT related majors are preferred.

As for the work content, it is mainly financial data processing analysis and auxiliary development of quantitative investment strategies.

This job advertisement became popular instantly. The biggest concern is that as a tens of billions of private equity institutions, thousands of joint ventures only provide investors with an internship of 100 yuan per day. Big boss Wang Yawei has been a lot of netizens. Tucao is "shabby."

However, many commentators in Wang Yawei's commentary bluntly said, "Don't go with all the money," and "I'm willing to give him a hundred yuan a day."

Judging from past recruitment information, the "birthday internship of 100 yuan" is a tradition of thousands of joint ventures. Earlier, Qian Jieben also recruited intern positions such as TMT researcher assistant and consumer industry researcher assistant, with salary of 100 yuan / day. Among them, the assistant post of TMT researcher also requires students from 985 colleges, graduate one or doctoral level 1-2 to take priority.


What is the bottom line for "being a low salary?"

What's the bottom line for thousands of joint ventures to seek talents at a low salary? Maybe one or two can be gleaned from the company profile in the job advertisement: "The company was founded by a well-known fund manager of the public fundraising and now manages more than 10 billion yuan. The research team has 3-10 years of industry experience, rich experience, and the research strength belongs to the top Level."

The former well-known fund manager of public offering refers to the former "public offering one brother" Wang Yawei. In 2012, Wang Yawei resigned as the vice president of Huaxia Fund, resolutely "ran privately" to create thousands of joint venture capital.

During the public offering, Wang Yawei was well-known, and he managed the selection of the Chinese market, with a return of 1195.25% (statistical interval: 20051231-20120504). He was therefore named "public offering one brother", "China's best cattle fund manager" and other titles .

Few generals have ever won in the investment world, and Wang Yawei, who had "run away", is no longer brave. From Jiuyan Technology, Qingrui Education, and China Merchants Investment, the companies he invested in frequently face the embarrassing situation of delisting. According to the wealth data on the grid, the average annual return of the entire industry in 2018 was -10.8%. However, the performance of the 18 products disclosed by the Thousands Joint Venture was all negative, and the average yield was -18.49%. Among them, 5 products lost more than 30%.

So, is poor performance the reason why thousands of joint ventures are not generous with interns? The answer seems to be no.

According to the statistics of the research center of Geshang, as of the end of 2018, there were 27 tens of billions of private equity securities managers, a decrease of 3 from the end of 2017 and a decrease of 2 from the middle of 2018. In recent years, thousands of joint ventures that have suffered from bad performance and negative news are still standing on the list. Calculated on the scale of 10 billion yuan, the management fee income of the thousands of joint ventures in 2018 is very considerable, and there is no possibility of "bad money".


Ten billion private placements are generally not generous

"International Financial News" reporters learned from the recruitment website and private equity sources, tens of billions of private placements to interns are generally not high, 100 yuan per day issued by thousands of joint ventures is the industry average.

The reporter searched and found that Gao Yi Assets, Mao Dian Assets, Nuanli Assets, Kaifeng Investment and other tens of billions of private placements have advertised internships on the fresh job search website.

From the perspective of recruitment positions, Kaifeng has the most abundant investment, covering macro strategy research interns, quantitative strategy interns, fixed income interns and large consumer stock research interns; Gao Yi Assets launched the "2019 Spring Intern Recruitment Program" "The positions recruited include research intern (industry research direction) and investment intern (macro strategic direction); the intern positions recruited by Nuanli Asset and Maodian Asset are fixed income assistant researcher and trading assistant, respectively.

From the perspective of academic qualifications, Kaifeng Investment has different requirements for each position. Equity research interns and fixed income interns require masters from key institutions (985/211) or overseas famous universities. Graduate 2 is preferred; quantitative strategy interns indicate the best. Non-graduate doctoral and graduate students in science and engineering or financial engineering, especially outstanding undergraduate students are also welcome; the minimum threshold for internship in macro strategy research, only the science and engineering or financial engineering majors are preferred.

In comparison, the other three private equity firms are not so “elegant” about their academic qualifications. Gao Yi Assets is locked in master's degree or above; Nuanli Assets is locked in majors in finance, finance, economics and other related majors; Mao Dian Assets only requires college degree or above.

From the point of view of salary and remuneration, only Kaifeng Investment made it clear that "the internship salary is 150 yuan / day, and the food supplement is 35 yuan / day." The other three private placements did not mention wages. A person familiar with the matter revealed to reporters that the intern salary of Mao Dian Investment was 100 yuan / day.

"We're almost at this price (100 yuan / day)." The general manager of a private equity offering of ten billion yuan confided to the reporter of the International Financial News that the low salary for interns is not because of picking, but "Interns really don't It ’s easy to use, and you run away after you have been taught. ” He also said that there are also companies in the company that don't need money for internships, and the other party values study opportunities and potential returns. With tens of billions of private placement internship experience, it must be a bonus when applying for a job.

According to him, the management of his company is relatively flat, and the promotion path of investment researchers is "researcher-investment director-general manager". However, researchers are subdivided into assistant researchers, researchers and senior researchers. Hunting.com shows that the annual salary of private equity researchers ranges from 70,000 to 1 million yuan.

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