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  • The securities industry has begun to grab people! More than 20 securities firms joined the autumn school recruitment, and the scale of the schedule has been greatly expanded in advance. The three categories of talents are the most popular (with school recruitment list).

The securities industry has begun to grab people! More than 20 securities firms joined the autumn school recruitment, and the scale of the schedule has been greatly expanded in advance. The three categories of talents are the most popular (with school recruitment list).

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Original title: The securities industry has begun to grab people! More than 20 securities firms joined the autumn school recruitment, and the scale of the schedule has been greatly expanded in advance.

The overall start time of campus recruitment for brokerage companies this year is more than a month earlier than last year, which reflects the urgent need for "expansion of abundant years".

Recently, CITIC Securities fully launched the 2020 campus recruitment plan. In addition to Huatai Securities, Guoxin Securities, Guojin Securities, and Debon Securities, which were the first to start campus recruitment, a total of more than 20 securities firms have joined the robbery of high-quality talents. In battle.

Brokerage Chinese reporters combed and found that, in addition to the early start of recruitment, this year the number of jobs and the number of brokerage firms has increased significantly from last year. In order to adapt to the overall transformation brought about by the capital market reform, the trend of three types of job expansion is particularly prominent. The financial technology sector and the third is the research institute, which revealed the layout of various securities firms' future development strategies.

From the perspective of personnel structure, this year's campus recruitment of securities companies pays more attention to the professionalization and youthfulness of talents, and strives to provide a solid talent base for the company's long-term development.

Under the science and technology innovation board and pilot registration system, investment banks and research institutes vigorously recruit talents

The launch of the science and technology board and the pilot registration system has brought incremental business to investment banks. Under the background of the vast space of the science and technology board underwriting and sponsorship market, various securities firms have generally put their talents in the investment bank to undertake more quality projects.

As early as May of this year, Zhongtai Securities first issued a campus recruitment plan for the investment banking business team, recruiting a total of 80 people in two positions: project underwriting and issuance underwriting.

Since September, major securities firms have successively released recruitment plans. The campus recruitment released by Tianfeng Securities on the 20th has opened recruitment for investment banking positions such as bond issuance and sales positions, IPO business commitment positions, and bond business commitment positions. The school recruitment started by Gold Corporation, Western Securities, and Guosheng Securities recently started to recruit project assistants at the investment bank headquarters.

Everbright Securities, BOCI Securities, and Debon Securities also issued campus recruitment plans for job listings, bond financing, mergers and acquisitions, and core quality control. The Investment Banking Department of Zhongshan Securities also issued a campus recruitment announcement separately to recruit investment bank talents.

In addition to sponsorship and investment, the emergence of the science and technology board also put forward higher requirements for the work of the institute. Some people in the industry proposed when the science and technology board system was in place that the method used for reasonable valuation of science and technology board companies is different from that of other boards on the main board, which has brought some tests to the research institutions and researchers of securities firms.

This year's campus recruitment has also become a major focus for research talent recruitment. As of last week, many securities firms such as CITIC Securities, China Everbright Securities, Tianfeng Securities, Western Securities, Guosheng Securities and Debon Securities have begun to recruit research positions such as researcher and analyst assistant. Among them, the research team of Tianfeng Securities plans to recruit six positions. The recruitment direction is mainly industry research, quantitative research, asset allocation and trading.

Digitalization has become a key layout area, and the demand for fintech talent continues

Fintech not only restructures the online gold of securities companies, but also becomes the beginning of the digital transformation of securities companies, and is one of the key areas for securities companies.

During the cold winter of the securities industry last year, there were many brokerages that were deploying financial technology against the trend. This year, the operating situation of the securities industry has improved. Brokers are opening up recruitment positions in the fintech sector.

This year, the battle for the IT talent scramble of securities firms was started by Huatai Securities. On July 21, Huatai Securities opened a fintech special recruitment including Java development engineer, C ++ development engineer, software test engineer, information security engineer, interaction designer and other eight positions with a maximum of 90 people, of which the number of Java development engineer recruitment can be up to Up to 45 people.

Many securities companies such as Guoxin Securities, CITIC Construction Investment, and Guojin Securities have also opened special recruitment sessions for information technology talents. Among them, Guojin Securities specially issued a 37-person technical team campus recruitment plan for its "Commission" product, involving a total of 7 positions; CITIC Construction Investment Securities recruited risk control R & D positions and data analysis testing assistant positions. , Information technology personnel such as open brokerage business system, strategic service R & D position, big data development operation and maintenance position, big data algorithm development position, etc.

In the 2018 annual reports of many securities firms, they have clearly expressed the high importance they attach to the field of fintech. Huatai Securities stated in its annual report that with the deepening application of fintech in the field of wealth management business, fintech will effectively empower the transformation of wealth management business of securities companies, and wealth management services will become more digital and intelligent.

Guohai Securities also mentioned in its annual report that in 2018, the company's online financial business increased investment in financial technology, continued to improve Internet financial platforms such as mobile apps and WeChat , effectively reducing service costs and improving operational efficiency.

Campus recruitment is young and professional

In addition to the substantial increase in recruitment positions and numbers this year, there is also a concern about the surge in the Guan Peisheng project. The method of recruiting Guan Peisheng not only provides fresh graduates with a fast way to advance, but also can recruit young management talents for various securities companies.

As of now, institutions such as CITIC Securities, Oriental Fortune, Debon Securities and Wanlian Securities have all launched Guan Peisheng projects. Through school enrollment, Guan Peisheng can basically obtain a long training period, can learn about different business operations through rotation, and use professional training mechanisms to obtain rapid development.

As far as academic qualifications are concerned, domestic brokerages are dominated by masters when recruiting people. This phenomenon is particularly evident in this year's campus recruitment. In general, the requirements for education at headquarters are generally higher than those at branches, and the requirements for education at front office departments such as investment banking, asset management, and research are generally higher than those at middle and back offices. The requirements of the front office department of the headquarters must be master's degree or above, and a few middle and back office and most branches of the headquarters can be bachelor's degree or above.

In addition, talents with educational background in multiple disciplines have also become the object of competition among various securities firms. The recruitment regulations of Guoxin Securities, Jinyuan Securities, Tianfeng Securities, and BOCI Securities all put forward recruitment requirements for composite subject talents for individual key positions. Debang Securities also stated in its recruitment announcement last year that "no specialties and no background", this year it particularly emphasized that "multidisciplinary background is preferred".

In addition to education and professional background, "certificate", "internship experience", and "project experience" are also a few items that cannot be ignored in the recruitment conditions of campuses of securities companies. Many securities companies have indicated that they will give priority to those with internship experience and project experience, and having CPA, CFA, FRM, legal qualifications and other certificates will add a lot of points for job hunting.

The China Securities Industry Association has stated that in recent years, the number of employees in the securities industry has generally developed rapidly, showing the characteristics of younger and more professional employees. Judging from the situation of campus recruitment this year, this feature will continue with a stronger intensity, and strive to build a high-quality financial talent team to provide a solid talent base for the long-term development of securities companies.

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