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The first batch of "Tianlu" female train drivers took up internships: "Finally a dream comes true"

release: 08-08 Category: Recruitment

Original title: The first batch of "Tianlu" female train drivers took up internships: "Finally dreams come true"

The first batch of "Tianlu" female train drivers took up internships

China News Service Xining, August 6th (Lu Danyang, Wang Tao) A reporter learned from China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Qinghai-Tibet Group Corporation) on the 6th that the first batch of 24 female drivers of Qinghai-Tibet Group Corporation have successfully closed their jobs and started to work Crew internship.

The picture shows the "Tianlu" female train driver on the D2742 / 1 EMU train from Xining to Lanzhou West. Photo courtesy of Zhang Mengchen

It is reported that the Qinghai-Tibet Group Corporation launched the first selection and training plan for female train drivers in late March this year, starting from the age, education, professional knowledge, physical conditions, psychological quality and realistic performance of female employees, and aimed at the grass-roots level of the company's management. After selection of stations and sections, after screening at various levels such as unit recommendation, academic qualification certification, and interviews, 24 female employees stood out and entered the list of the first female train drivers on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

In order to effectively improve the practical skills and business abilities of the first batch of female train drivers, the Qinghai-Tibet Group Company signed a training contract with Baoji Railway Technician College, optimized the design of the course content, and set up railway transportation, rules and regulations, and locomotive applications for this group of female drivers. The courses of professional knowledge, women's psychology and physical fitness training adopt a combination of theory and practice, simulation and field teaching, online and offline, and carry out targeted 3-month closed training and achieve the expected training goals.

The picture shows the "Tianlu" female train driver practicing an operation standard in the simulated cab. Photo courtesy of Zhang Mengchen

"I'm so excited. Finally my dream came true. I got on the train." Zhang Mengchen, 30, was born in the train driver's house. Her grandfather and father were both train drivers. Under the influence of her family, she signed up for the first batch. Female train driver recruitment.

"With the advancement and development of locomotive technology on the plateau railway, the locomotive on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is not only equipped with microwave ovens, refrigerators, and independent toilets. The working environment has changed dramatically, which has created conditions for the selection and training of female locomotive crew members. "Ma Hongtao, director of the operation department of the Qinghai-Tibet Group Corporation's machinery department, said.

The picture shows the train queue for the female driver of Tianlu. Photo courtesy of Zhang Mengchen

According to reports, the first batch of female train drivers' internships ended at the end of September, and passed the theoretical and practical examinations, and they were appointed as co-drivers. On October 1st, the first female co-drivers of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway will officially take up their posts with a certificate. Since then, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway will end its history of no female train drivers. (Finish) Back to Sohu, see more


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