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Private Equity | Zero2IPO China's Top 10 M & A Fund Team Recruiting Interns (Shanghai)

release: 08-06 Category: Recruitment

This article comes from an investment agency commissioned release

Analyst Intern (Long-term internships are available)

Location: Shanghai

Recruitment position: Analyst intern (long-term internship has retention opportunities)


1. Graduate students from famous universities at home and abroad, graduated in 18 years;

2. Experience in consulting, investment banking, VC, PE, brokerage bank research, etc. is preferred;

3. Arrive as soon as possible, the internship is more than half a year, 5 days a week is best.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist in collecting industry data, writing industry research reports and company research reports;

2. Assist in due diligence, including building valuation models, writing project approval reports and investment proposals;

3. Complete other assigned tasks.

Resume Delivery: Please send your resume with photos to [zhangxlc017@163.com], with the subject line "Analyst Intern-Name-Gender-Undergraduate School-Graduate School-Graduation Time"; the deadline for submission is December 8.

Focusing on venture capital and private equity investment, the company is committed to becoming an outstanding value investor in China; through industry focus and in-depth research in the fields of technology, health, environmental protection, culture, consumption and other fields, it seeks out high-quality companies that can become industry leaders. The company won the Most Active Equity Investment Agency Award from the China Venture Capital Commission, and was selected as the Top 10 Chinese Local Venture Capital by Zero2IPO.

Original text from an investment agency commissioned release

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