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Notice | Datong City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Recruitment Notice

release: 08-06 Category: Recruitment

Original title: Announcement | Datong Municipal Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau's Recruitment Announcement on the Development of Employment Probation Work

开展就业见习工作公告如下: According to the spirit of the national and Shanxi provinces and Datong documents, the announcement on the employment apprenticeship of the Talent Exchange Center of the Datong Human Resources and Social Bureau in 2019 is as follows:

I. Employment Trainees

16-24周岁城乡失业青年(本人亲自报名,不允许代报)。 Unemployed students of Shanxi nationality who have left school in 2018 and 2019, and graduates of full-time ordinary colleges and universities and secondary vocational schools in Shanxi; 16-24 years old urban and rural unemployed (I personally sign up, not allowed to report on behalf of)

Registration time

August 1 to August 16, 2019 (except holidays)

3. Materials required for registration

毕业证、身份证、报到证(应届生无报到证,可提供学校盖章的就业协议书或推荐表)原件及复印件两份和近期一寸彩照三张,本科生还需提供学位证原件及复印件一份; 1. Graduates must provide: graduation certificate, ID card, registration certificate (the freshman has no registration certificate, can provide a school-stamped employment agreement or recommendation form) two originals and photocopy and three recent one-inch color photos, undergraduate students also An original and a copy of the degree certificate are required;

2. Urban and rural unemployed youths need to provide the original hukou and two copies of the homepage and their own page, two original ID cards and two copies, three recent one-inch color photos, and rural unemployed youths must provide proof of land acquisition.

4. Duration of the traineeship and living allowance during the traineeship

The duration of employment apprenticeship is 3-12 months. During the apprenticeship, the living allowance is a standard of the minimum wage in Shanxi Province (currently 1,700 yuan), and the government and the employer shall bear 50% each.

V. Registration Address and Telephone

Pingcheng District Huiminli Building No. 4 Building No. 4 Datong Talent Market Hall

0352-2117305、2117306 Phone: 0352-2117305, 2117306

Special announcement

Talent Exchange Center of Datong Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau

July 29, 2019

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