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Internship Recruitment | Wiley China Marketing Recruitment Intern

release: 07-06 Category: Recruitment

Original Title: Internship Recruitment | Wiley China Marketing Department Recruiting Interns

Recruitment position: Wiley China Marketing Department Intern (can be remote)

Job Features

  • Join the world's advanced academic publishing market team to fully understand the methods and concepts of various online and offline market activities;
  • Familiar with Wiley's open access products and opportunities to maintain close contact with the scientific community;
  • International office environment (can be remote).

job requirements

  • Undergraduate or graduate, preferably with a background in materials science, medicine or life science, English level 6 or higher is preferred; solid English skills, good translation, literacy skills
  • Familiar with technical English or knowledge of technical publishing is preferred;
  • Familiar with Microsoft office software including Excel, Word, etc .;
  • Serious work attitude, strong sense of responsibility, work has beginnings and ends, teamwork and learning spirit.

operating hours

  • Internship period: 3-6 months
  • Starting time: from August 2019, long-term
  • Working hours: 1 day per week in Beijing office / remote

application process

  • Submit Chinese and English resumes to axiao@wiley.com before August 1, 2019
  • Email title states: Wiley China Open Access Marketing Intern

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