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Summary of Chaoyang's latest recruitment information (2018.12.8)

release: 06-04 Category: Full-time recruitment

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Chaoyang recruitment column

Chaoyang recruitment column, businesses who need to recruit can contact Xiaobian WeChat: 214255550 or 243333827 for consultation. If you are recruited, please notify us in time to modify and delete.

Recruitment fee: 15 days / 100 yuan per month 200 yuan recruitment plus QR code plus 80 yuan

Chaoyang Huarong Bakery First Middle Store

Huarong Bakery now needs to recruit salespersons and bakers. The shift is 6:30 to 15:00 in the morning shift, 15:00 to 23:00 in the evening shift, four days off on a monthly basis, and the salary is 2,000 plus commission. Phone13612312802

8 / 19- 11/30

Chaoyang Qianbaidu Bar

Foreman (two): 4 days off a month, including meals and accommodation, salary 3000 ~ 3600 yuan, male or female, high school education or above, have certain catering management work experience, good organization and coordination ability, dedication, obedient work Arrange and be responsible.

Cashier (female): 4 days a month off, meals and accommodation, salary 2600 ~ 3000 yuan, age 18-26 years old, have good expression and communication skills, work seriously and have a sense of responsibility. Admission is preferred.

Expand remaining 93 %

Waiter (multiple): 4 days off a month, including meals and accommodation, salary 2600 ~ 3000 yuan, male or female, junior high school education or above, aged 18-30 years old. Good at introducing and selling drinks and special dishes in this restaurant to customers; actively participating in training to continuously improve service skills. Have a good working attitude, obey the work arrangements of superiors, and have a sense of responsibility.

Bar staff (female): Proficient in making and producing tea, drinks, cocktails, etc. Admission is preferred. Including board and lodging, salary negotiable.

One full-time financial officer: salary is negotiable.

Contact: Mr. Lin

Phone: 13417003002

Address: Shop 1-2, Building C, D, Bagongchi, South of Wenguangtingjiao East Road, Chaoyang District, Shantou (former K8 Bar Store)

Mulberry wine market

Multiple salespersons in mulberry wine market (restaurant and restaurant salespersons are preferred)

Negotiable performance!

Interested parties call / WeChat synchronization: 13025230344 13612813498

Address: Hedong Street, Cotton City, Chaoyang (Dongxuan Commercial Bank)

12 / 7- 12/23

Toy hand factory

❖Work responsibilities

Recruit to do toys by hand, work piece count. Free time, only women. Address: Near Baohui Supermarket, Pingbei. Phone13536934532

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

12 / 6- 12/22

Shantou Xinxing Investment Co., Ltd.

❖Work responsibilities

Sincere Department Store Hiring: Living Area Manager, Fresh Food Manager, Cashier Supervisor / Team Leader, Cashier Supervisor / Team Leader, Cashier, Security Officer, Customer Service Assistant, Showman, Salesperson, Receiver, Electrician, Cleaner , Temporary workers, winter vacation workers.

Welfare: purchase of social security, four days off a month, statutory holidays, thirteen salary, training at public expense, standard working hours, and room and board.

Address: Chaoxing Department Store, Dongfeng Square, Cotton City, Chaoyang.

Please contact the job content and salary (Wei Tong): 15119316249 Miss Liao

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 30- 12/15

Prince Purse Tea

Recruitment of full-time male and female salespersons (long-term workers), those with corresponding work experience are preferred, and require good facial features, good image, a certain communication ability, a good working attitude, obey the work arrangements of superiors, and a sense of responsibility. Age 20-25 years. Two shifts, with meal supplements, 3 days off monthly salary.

Work place: Prince Ping Shi Tea opposite Cotton City Middle School. Contact No. 13632471398 Mr. Ma (Wei Tong)

12 / 1- 1/1

the Frypan Korean Fried Chicken & Beer

❖Work responsibilities

The shop recruits a long-time full-time girl, 18-25 years old, cheerful and enthusiastic about work. Those who have contacted the catering industry are preferred ~~

2 days off on a monthly basis. But there are food supplements

On a shift basis, 10 hours in the morning and 8 hours in the evening.

Salary 2500-2700 yuan ~

Interested parties can contact: 13729223981 (do not recruit part-time)

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

12 / 1- 12/1

Miancheng Younuosheng Electronic Factory

❖Work responsibilities

Miancheng Younuosheng Electronic Factory Recruitment!

Recruitment warehouse management, production copy (3000-4500, interview)

General workers, salary: 2500-4000 / month

Working hours: 8: 30-12: 00, 13: 30-18: 00, every Monday, three overtime (overtime hours 19: 00-21: 00)

Closed two days a month, closed on holidays

In addition to work hours, 9: 00-12: 00, 1: 30-4: 00, evening and Sunday do not need to work

Address: 200 meters to Dongnei Road, Xingong Post Office, Cotton City, Chaoyang, Miss Xiao 13726500041

12 / 1- 12/15

Cotton City e-commerce

❖Work responsibilities

[Miancheng e-commerce recruitment]

Don't talk about ideas, we will work hard with you!

We are a brand company of early childhood education products, focusing on the development and sales of infant products for children aged 0-2.

The company was founded in Shenzhen in 13 years. The current operation team is located in Chaoyang Cotton City, Shantou. It currently has nearly 1,000 square meters of operating space. The team atmosphere is passionate and harmonious, and the business is in a stage of rapid and stable growth. As the business grows, a wide-screen elite is needed to build a business together. Excellent treatment, giving you room to show. The incentive mechanism is fair and reasonable. We hope you can join!

[Live customer service] Treatment 3000-8000

The sales experience of wired stores is correct. Strong communication skills and a certain ability to control the field. Familiar with live broadcast platforms.

[Art Design] Treatment 4000-8000

Familiar with design software and rich experience in visual graphic design.

[Video shooting] Treatment 4000-8000

Able to complete creative short video photography and post

[Product Manager (Purchasing)] Treatment 3000-6000

Maternal, infant and toy direction, familiar with purchasing process and industry standards.

[E-commerce operation] Negotiable

Have e-commerce platform operation capabilities.

[E-commerce customer service] Treatment 2500-6000

Have Taobao, Tmall pre-sales and after-sales customer service experience.

[Warehouse packaging]

Responsible for warehouse tally and packing.

The above positions require work experience!

Contact: Mr. Xu

Phone: 13192176543 (same number on WeChat)

Office address: Chaoyang Cotton City

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 29- 12/29

Good intention food co.

❖Work responsibilities

Chaoyang Haoyituou Food Company

Business Assistant (multiple, capable, cheerful and experienced person is preferred)

(3 days off on a monthly basis, specific treatment interviews) Contact number 15817958263 Miss Zheng

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 29- 12/15

Underwear factory

❖Work responsibilities

The factory has long produced vests and sleep bras. Due to the expansion of production, we now need to recruit the following personnel:

Multi-function. Check the goods. Shear parking spaces. Shear finished products. 1 each

Big, little Ren, pull teeth

1 jujube and 1 flower

Double needle. 1 each

Note: Skilled temporary can also be used

The above personnel can be trained if they are not skilled. The factory has sufficient supplies, reasonable wages, and convenient accommodation. Our salary is paid on time every month, with a 200 yuan attendance bonus, a working age bonus, an introduction fee, and so on.

Interested parties please contact: 13556356210 (Ms. Chen)

13643055350 (Mr. Chen)

Address: Near the South Gate of Chengnan Police Station at the intersection of Xingong.

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 29- 12/29

Bomi e-commerce

❖Work responsibilities

Bomi e-commerce ★ Now it is urgent to recruit many e-commerce customer service sales "men and women"

Work content: Respond to customer inquiries on the computer to do pre-sale and after-sale work.

basic requirements:

1. Understand the basic computer operation, be sure to type in the computer

2. The typing speed is better than 40 words per minute (you can contact me to test the speed at home or come to the company for an interview)


1. Working conditions, relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere and comfortable and good office environment

2. Working time 8.5 hours (two shifts) 2 days off with paid monthly rest

3. Salary: basic salary + attendance award + performance award + commission + traditional holiday double pay! (★ Minimum monthly limit of 3,000 yuan or more)

Address: Next to Xingong Post and Telecommunications Office, South Chaohai Avenue, Miancheng City

Interested parties contact Sister Chen 15816748210 (Welcome to inquire)

11 / 23- 12/23

Zhencheng Restaurant

❖Work responsibilities

Recruitment ~ Full-time waitress, part-time waitress, dishwashing aunt, salary negotiable ~ Requirements: 1. Good communication

it is good. 2. Loyal and honest, hardworking.

Address: Zhencheng Restaurant opposite Dongshan Ying Hotel. Interested parties contact this mobile phone: 13542802379, Hong sister ~

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 21- 12/6

Dongxing Hardware & Electrical

❖Work responsibilities

Chaoyang Dongxing Hardware & Electrical: Recruiting drivers and shop assistants

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]


Yuanyuan Bathroom

❖Work responsibilities

Yuanyuan Sanitary Ware Company is a wholesale company specializing in sanitary ware. Due to business expansion, we need to recruit the following positions. Welcome to join us! I. Business and distribution requirements for multiple (male):

1. Have a car age of more than 1 year (company's car_Wuling minivan) 2 .. Have done building materials, ceramics, insurance, bathroom, hardware, electrical appliances preferred 3. Those familiar with the terminal market in eastern Guangdong are preferred. 2. Multiple salary interviews with the driver. 3. Multiple salary interviews with the business. 4. Warehouse management staff (2 persons). 1. More than one year of work experience. 2. Salary: 3000-4200 yuan 5. Financial requirements: 1. Understand basic accounting knowledge and be able to do daily accounting. 2. Purchase orders that can be docked with manufacturers. Company benefits: Lunch reimbursement. Working hours: 08:30 --- 18:30. Two days off. Working place: Chaoyang Cotton City Xiliyuan Industrial Zone. Contact person: Lin Sheng 13692070452

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 19- 12/19


❖Work responsibilities

Highly paid hired riders

Employing principle: Don't ask for background, just look at ability

Salary standard:

About 3,000 when Dang Erlang works [pleasantly]

On the road well done 5000 or so [suddenly]

Going all out around 8000 [Cool]

Passionate 10,000 up [leisure]

Three not move [despise]

1. Treat money as dung

2. This mountain looks at the high one

3. I want to find a class when I'm idle

Priority for admission

1. Those who think they lack money and want to improve the quality of life

2. Those who repay a mortgage or car loan need to buy a house or car

3. Want to live like a human

As long as you have enough enthusiasm and motivation, super execution, as long as you are willing to work hard, the wallet is absolutely bulging

Fortune Hotline 83843222

18675433202 13542828832

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 19- 12/5

Fumanyuan (morning / night tea)

❖Work responsibilities

Fumanyuan (morning / night tea)

Several waiters

Working hours: (morning shift) 5:30 am to 14:00 noon (late shift) 5:00 pm to 2:00 am (two shifts are optional)

Salary: 2200 ~ 2500 + Full Attendance Award

Venue: Shop 4, East of Mianxin Avenue, Ximen, Wenguang, Chaoyang District, Shantou (opposite Longhui Supermarket)

Phone: 17608234281 (same number on WeChat)

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 19- 12/19

Jiana Stone

❖Work responsibilities

4 female salespersons are required, aged 20-35 years old, over 160cm in height, with good character and good expression skills. Those with sales experience in building materials stores are preferred. A female draftsman who is familiar with CAD drawing software and office parts, works seriously and is responsible for salary interviews. Address: Address: Jiana Stone Exhibition Hall, 66 Jinguang South Road, Xiashan Street, Chaonan District

Phone: 13632497888

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 19- 12/4

Picker and Packer

❖Work responsibilities

Picker, packer, several (male), working hours 9 months monthly salary + bonus + two days off per month + package accommodation. Salary: 2500-3000

Customer service (female), two shifts: working hours 8-9 hours. Monthly salary + bonus + four days off + meal and board. Salary: around 3000-3500

Location: Datong Yutong Garden, Chaoyang Cotton City

Phone: 18619434357 Weitong

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 18- 12/18

Puzhen Information Management Shantou Branch

❖Work responsibilities

Recruitment of Puzhen Information Management Shantou Branch:

Telephone customer service

Requirements: 1, 18-30 years old;

2. Putonghua standard, with certain communication skills;

3. Have a good sense of service and risk

Working hours: 9: 00-18: 30, working 8 hours a day, Sundays off

Salary: basic salary (base salary / subsidy / full attendance award) + commission bonus, comprehensive salary 3000-8000

Other benefits:

1. Purchase social security after three months of employment;

2. Irregular group building, tourism and training opportunities;

3. Gifts for statutory holidays and major holidays stipulated by the state;

4. Post promotion, salary adjustment and other incentive activities;

5.Birthday party and irregular afternoon tea

Venue: Pingbei Neighborhood Committee, Mianbei Street, Chaoyang District, Shantou City

Phone: 13415064285 (same number on WeChat)

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 17- 12/17

Zhoutou (Bento-fried)

❖Work responsibilities

Zhoutou (Bento-fried)

Job Type: Employee

Number of recruits: 5

Educational requirements: junior high school graduation

Room and board: Packed

Salary: Negotiable

Job description: Shift system, one day off on the last two days, 10 days off on a monthly basis, those with experience will be admitted first (drinks are also acceptable). Men and women of all ages (18 to 27 years old) can bear hardships and stand hard work and obey the work arrangements of their superior

Contact: 18929612391 WeChat synchronization

Work address: Danhua Garden, Chengbei 1st Road, Miancheng Town, Chaoyang District (next to Daoli)

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 17- 12/3

Master Noodle Soup

❖Work responsibilities

Due to business development needs: Now we are sincerely hiring a chef who promotes dried meat noodle soup. Dishwasher. Salaries are negotiable. Phone 13829574390. WeChat synchronization.

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 15- 11/30

Peijie Coaching

❖Work responsibilities

Peijie counseling recruits 2 full-time and part-time teachers each. Requirements: Cong Min is a good learner and a self-motivated! Be caring, patient, and responsible. Familiar with the knowledge points of each subject in the primary school, conduct leak detection and fill in the gaps, and explain in detail! Phone: 13302748393 Address: Near Pinghe East School, Miancheng

11 / 12- 12/12

China Telecom Partner Sui Tong Digital

❖Work responsibilities

1. Position: 2 mobile application operators, welcome you who are familiar with computer operation to join our team


① Performance salary + 500 yuan food supplement (the basic salary for the probation period is 2500 yuan)

② 4 days off per month

③ Enjoy statutory holidays, annual leave

2. Telephone customer service (part-time)

Salary: 20 yuan / hour

Working hours: 9 am to 8:30 pm (you can freely arrange your time to work during this time, but you must ensure that you can work more than 6 hours a day)

Relevant work experience is preferred.


Work location: diagonally opposite to Miancheng Middle School, Dongshan Park, Miancheng, Chaoyang District, Shantou, and the fourth floor of Beizha Telecom Building

Contact person: Ms. Xiao, Contact office phone number: 89927666

11 / 11- 12/11

Shantou Jiahe Hardware Co., Ltd.

❖Work responsibilities

A well-paid machinery, welding machine, air compressor, power tool maintenance master, familiar with semiconductor is preferred, a sales driver, excellent treatment, negotiable.

Contact 13809719702

Address: Opposite to Miancheng Bus Station

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 8- 11/23

Blue Diamond Boutique Hotel

❖Work responsibilities

Recruitment: Chinese food foreman, receptionist, tea house / chequer card cashier (women), tea house / chequer card server, cleaning

Three days off each month, enjoying statutory holidays, meals and lodging, requires good expression and communication skills, and a serious and responsible work. Admission is preferred.

Contact: Miss Chen

Phone: 18929616338

Address: Blue Diamond Boutique Hotel (opposite to Niutoushan Hospital) in the middle section of Mianxin Avenue, Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong

11 / 7- 12/7

Chaoyang Lianda Electric

❖Work responsibilities

The company mainly wholesales lighting, switches, ventilation, cables and other products; the main customers are hardware stores and lighting stores.

Position 1: Sales clerk, requirements: 1. Work carefully, energetic, and obey company arrangements;

2. Skilled operation of Invoicing housekeeper software and OFFICE office software?

Position 2: Customer service staff, requirements: 1. Careful and careful work, affinity and vitality, obey the company's arrangements; proficient in operating computers;

2. Able to interact and communicate with customers by phone or WeChat;

3. Priority in customer service positions is preferred.

Position 3: Business driver, requirements: have learning ability, strong expression ability, strong communication ability, affinity, sales experience is preferred. A driving license is required.

Position 4: Salesperson (men and women), requirements: 1. Have a certain learning ability and understanding, good communication skills;

2. Have wolfness and ambition, can independently develop the market;

3. Strong sense of time, clear work plan and goals; 4. Car and motorcycle driver's license, bring your own motorcycle is preferred.

Negotiable salary (two days off on a monthly basis, working hours 8:30 to 18:15), contact phone 13829581348 (same number on WeChat). Work place: Shuncheng Auto Repair, Pingbei Industrial Zone, Miancheng

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11 / 6- 12/6

Pike grouper

❖Work responsibilities

Special recruitment for the following positions:

Multiple waiters, not limited to men and women (experience in catering industry is preferred)

1-2 salespersons, locals, men and women, and unlimited experience.

Passer, male, unlimited experience

2 winter workers, male or female

2 long-term part-time workers, 9 yuan / hour, 18: 00-22: 00, unlimited for men and women

All of the above positions must be over 16 years old, with good wages and benefits!

There are four days off each month, including meals, meals, and training. The working time is 10 hours. Employees have meals once a month. All employees meet from time to time. There is a perfect promotion mechanism! Monthly comprehensive income 2500-3500!

I'm not afraid that you are talented, I am afraid that you have no ideals! There are ideal friends, we look forward to your being our partner! Interested parties call to ask

Manager Xie: 13670046602 Minister Lin: 13790871585

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

11/5 12/5

Chaoyang Zunbao Pizza New Store

❖Work responsibilities

Anxious to recruit a full-time long-term employee. After confirmation, I will go to Xiamen training base for one month as soon as possible. She will be covered without food, girls will be preferred, girls under 25 years old, there is only one place left, and the salary will be more than 4,000 when returning to work. You need to sign a contract to ensure that you work for more than one year.

Recruit a few ordinary employees. Girls pay for cash and services, and boys pay for takeaway. You can learn pizza production skills and raise salary in your spare time. Wages above 3,000 and under 25 years old required. Take a week off.

Contact number 13611405895

Address Shop 21, Runze Villa, Chengbei 1st Road

[What I saw on the Chaoyang people platform when I applied]

10 / 25- 12/25

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