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Nanyang Outdoor Network Recruitment! Part-time orientated activity leader, full-time leader, part-time leader, come and join us!

release: 06-04 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original title: Nanyang Outdoor Network Recruitment! Part-time orientated activity leader, full-time leader, part-time leader, come and join us!

Now recruiting a number of part-time oriented activity leaders, the work content is simple, not tired, short time, hourly workers, college students can also register!

What is your aspiration?

A good job?

A career?

A hobby?

Still traveling?

There are always different places because of you

Every meeting means change


Lack of people

Practical, moral, moral, grateful

Is our standard

What we don't want is how smart you are

We need a more pragmatic and grateful heart

A heart willing to "achieve" the happiness and sweet cause of others

If you've been out with us or followed us for a long time, you should know that we are quite reliable. However, in order to let more friends understand what we are doing, I can't help but introduce a few words. If you can't wait, please drop down directly to view specific recruitment information.

about us

who is it?


We are a small company doing serious outdoor travel

Our name is Nanyang Outdoor Network

Outdoor company, travel company, dual qualification

Created August 2010

More than 100,000 members

Who are we looking for

Recruitment positions


We have a few small requirements before looking at recruitment:

1. Three perspectives, grateful, grateful, grateful! Understand the company's cultivation of you, and work positively.

2.Shuangshang Online can quickly enter the working state and integrate into the team.

3. A little talent, even if taking pictures

Company Store Manager

What do you need

Comprehensively handle everything in the store, so your coordination and thinking skills should be strong.

How are you treated

Of course I have to seduce you in person

Busy at work

In addition to being responsible for overall affairs in the company

You have to go out for free, try the hotel for free

Eat all over the country for free

What you do is what others want to buy


Fire fighters, armed police, special police, and scouts are best


Is to use your strengths to make you useful

Teachers in various subjects

Still making up for the weekend?

Be careful of the Education Bureau

Quickly join the outdoor network, long-term, stable, assured, no pressure

What are you doing here?

We only need physical education teachers, physics teachers, biology teachers, geography teachers, history teachers

To do what you do best

Part-time orientation activity leader

1. Familiar with the contents of targeted activities;

2. Understand the rules of the game and let participating families complete the rules;

3. Maintain the game props, and recover the props after the event;

4. Ensure the sanitary environment of the game location.

Outdoor full-time leader

What are you going to do?

1. Organize team visits and excursions on weekends and holidays.

2. Familiarize yourself with the route before the trip, contact the team members in advance, and warm up the group activities before the trip;

3. Maintain team members' personal and property safety during travel and handle emergencies;

4. Lead the team members to explore this real and colorful world, open their hearts, and experience, communicate and share as much as possible to gain more inner strength!

5. After the trip, submit user surveys and leader surveys, as well as team members' good picture and video materials.

6. Financial settlement after the trip, keep good communication with the company at any time, and make real-time effective feedback.

What do we ask of you

1. With ample spare time (weekends and holidays), it is best to lead the team 1-2 times a month.

2. Physical fitness is better! Please look at the girl and the pure man!

3. The sun is positive! Picky type, complaining woman type, clean type, zuotianzuo type, light will spit groove type, please disappear!

4. Strong communication skills, affinity, and service awareness!

5. Daily life knowledge! For example: if you do n’t know the way, you need to look at the map.

6. Have a certain travel experience, love life, love travel, and agree with the non-home travel concept.

Benefits & Benefits

1. Take the netizens to the desert, island, rock climbing, snow mountain, grassland, forest, citywalk.

2. Countless free trips a year, we have footprints all over the country.

3. Meet a group of interesting and good young people, and countless people become friends through the outdoor network travel platform;

4. According to incomplete statistics, Nanyang Outdoor Network has contributed more than dozens of girlfriends or ferromagnetic ...

Part-time leader

Work location: uncertain

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the lead process, complete the lead work of the travel team;

2. Organize and create a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere during the team lead;

3. In the process of leading the team, ensure the safety and smooth travel of the team members, always pay attention to the team members 'experience, and respond to the team members' reasonable and feasible needs in a timely manner;

4. On-site execution, communication and coordination, handling team emergencies or unexpected events;

5. After the end of the trip, carry out material return and financial settlement, and make timely and effective lead feedback.

job requirements:

1. Love to travel, love outdoor sports, have a passion for life, and be a responsible traveler;

2. Strong communication and expression skills, lively and cheerful personality, playing with friends is really capable;

3. Strong learning ability, able to grasp all the information of a route in a short time;

4. Have a strong sense of service, can quickly adjust the mindset and solve problems in case of difficulties;

5. Free time is sufficient, and time can be arranged to lead the team at any time;

6. Experience with outdoor team leader, tour guide card or outdoor instructor card, meeting photographer is preferred.

If you are interested in joining us

Add a title to indicate: job title + name

If eligible, staff will contact you within one week

where you work at

work place


1186 South Industry Road, Nanyang City

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