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58 "City Employer Branding Ceremony 2019" in Shenzhen Entered Shenzhen: Decoding the Trends of Recruiting Jobs and Building a Healthy Recruitment Ecology

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Original title: 58 "City Employer Branding Ceremony in the same city" entered Shenzhen: Decoding the trend of recruitment and building a healthy recruitment ecology Source: Global Fortune Network

On December 13th, the 58-city "2019 Chinese Employer Branding Ceremony" entered Shenzhen, attracting widespread attention from the industry and users. Shenzhen, as the forefront of reform and opening up, and an important city in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area, had a GDP of more than 2.42 trillion yuan in 2018, an increase of 7.5%, attracting many talents for employment and entrepreneurship. At the same time, Shenzhen has universities such as Shenzhen University, Southern University of Science and Technology, and Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), which continuously transport talents for enterprises and release vitality for urban development.

At the site of the "2019 China Employer Branding Ceremony" in the same city of 58, Zhang Aizhen, lecturer of Alibaba KA Business School, shared the theme of "the salary system in the era of human capital" and provided a reference for the industry's salary system.

The 58 "City Pioneer Employer Top 10" in the same city, which has attracted much attention, was also announced in Shenzhen. China Resources Property, Orange Trust, Darryl Jewellery, Baiguoyuan, Bama Tea, Zhenai.com and other companies are on the list. This list reflects the position of Shenzhen pioneer employers in the minds of college students and social talents, and has played a benchmark role. Liu Shuang, director of human resources at Wugu Mill, also gave a keynote speech at the ceremony, revealing the way to form the best employer, and won applause from the audience.

The grand ceremony also interpreted the "China Outstanding Employer Report 2019" and "Synthesis Report on the Best Employer Survey for Chinese College Students" in 58 cities. According to the "2019 China Outstanding Employer Report", in the first three quarters of 2019, Shenzhen's recruitment demand ranked third in the country, behind Guangzhou and Chengdu. In terms of job search needs, Shenzhen ranks second in the country for job search needs, behind Beijing. In terms of corporate remuneration, Shenzhen ranked fourth in the country with a corporate remuneration of 7,926 yuan, closely following Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. At the same time, 58 cities ’" Comprehensive Survey of Best Employers for Chinese College Students "reflected that first-tier and new first-tier cities are the top choices for college students to apply for jobs. Shenzhen ranks fifth in the nation in the ranking of college student job choices, with 5.16% of college students choosing Shenzhen for employment. .

Shenzhen has always been at the forefront of the country in terms of industrial adjustment and economic transformation. It has strategic emerging industries, future industries, modern service industries, and advantageous traditional industries. The "four-way vertical team" has established a good economy for employers and companies. The basics. Not only is the economy developed and industry clustered, Shenzhen also has a policy advantage for talent development. Recently, Shenzhen has released the "Recognition Awards and Subsidies for High-level Professional Talents, National and Local Leading Talents, and Reserve Talent Qualification Standards", which grants up to 600 talents. The 10,000 yuan reward subsidy attracts a large number of talents to come to Shenzhen for employment and development, creating a broad space for the talented workplace to leap.

As a major national recruitment platform, 58 cities have provided a wealth of industry information for job seekers and recruiters by hosting employer brand events, publishing urban recruitment job data, and decoding employment market trends. In addition, 58 cities also rely on leading big data, artificial intelligence and other technological advantages to develop a series of recruitment tools such as "smart job assistants-small hires" and "58 face-to-face", and provide perfect job search and related guarantees for job seekers to build Quality recruitment services and building a healthy recruitment ecology.

At present, 58 cities in the city ’s “2019 Chinese Employer Branding Ceremony” have more than half of their urban activities. Through the selection of well-known brand employers, 58 cities set a benchmark for the recruitment industry, and also have a guiding effect on recruitment and job search, so that people can achieve precise matching Promote a more standardized and efficient development of the recruitment industry.

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