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Drivers belong to the driver after running for about three years? I only ran for two months

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Original title: Drivers belong to the driver after running for three years? It ’s only two months since the car was gone.

The emergence of online car rental has provided many conveniences for citizens to travel. With the introduction of policies by the regulatory authorities, the development of the online car rental market has ushered in a new change. Renting and purchasing is a new model.

On December 2nd, Master Li, the online taxi driver, came to Chengdu Youxiang Automobile Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Youxiang") for negotiation again.

In October of this year, Master Li and Youxiang Company signed a contract to pay a 23,000 mortgage for three years to start a car. "Before buying a car, Youxiang promised to arrange for me to run from Chengdu to Nanchong special line and earn over 10,000 yuan a month." After two months, the mortgage-hailed car was detained.

Purchasing by rent is a new model of online car rental operation. The driver runs the online car rental through a down payment mortgage. After the expiration, the ownership of the vehicle belongs to the driver.

However, in actual operation, many problems have been exposed through the rent purchasing model, such as high interest rates, false promises, complicated expenses,

The series of chaos, such as compulsory car deductions, and money running, were investigated by the cover news.

Driver recruitment online

Running a dedicated line, monthly income can exceed 10,000

On the 2nd, Master Li told reporters that in October of this year, when he was applying for a driver online, he was recruited by the staff of Youxiang Company. "The other party said that he arranged for me to run from Chengdu to Nanchong special line with a monthly income of at least 10,000 yuan."

Master Li's mortgage purchase contract.

According to the contract, Master Li has to repay 3,000 yuan per month.

In the form of renting and purchasing, Master Li made a down payment of 23,000 yuan and a mortgage payment of 3,000 yuan over three years. He started a white modern car and used it to run a "line-to-car service."

The contract provided by Master Li to reporters shows that this online car was purchased from Chengdu Yuexing Tianxia Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd., and the financial mortgage required to purchase the vehicle was obtained from Chengdu Yueda Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. Title is mortgaged to the company.

According to him, after the car purchase, the company can arrange for him to run a special line from Chengdu to Nanchong, but in fact, according to the current laws and regulations of Chengdu, the Internet is forbidden to engage in designated passenger transportation services.

The cover journalist also confirmed this requirement from the relevant departments. If the online taxi is engaged in passenger transportation services between two points, whether it is downloading passengers online or placing orders online, it will be suspected of illegal operations or illegal operations.

That is to say, the "Chengdu-Nanchong Online Car Dedicated Line" promised by Master Li does not comply with the current regulations.

False promise "certificate application"

Intermediate links increase fees

According to the relevant regulations of Chengdu online car rental, in order to engage in online car rental service in Chengdu, there must be a driver's qualification certificate and a vehicle operation qualification certificate. These two important licenses have been referred to as "person identification" and "car license" by the online rental car industry. ".

The first condition for applying for a “personal identification” is that they have a Chengdu family register, but Master Li does not have a Chengdu family register. “At that time, Youxiang Company said that for me to find a relationship, I can definitely get a witness. Who knows and later regrets that Can't do it. "

Master Li said that the company subsequently did not arrange for him to run from Chengdu to Nanchong, and arranged for him to run from Chengdu to Yibin on the ground that he did not have a “witness card.” “I actually made two trips, and each time I gave the company 100-200 yuan of information. Fee, this information fee has not been mentioned before, and it is purely an extra fee. "

"According to the standard of 200 yuan information fee per trip, I have to pay 6,000 yuan information fee to the company in a month. In this calculation, I can earn no money at all and work for the company." He said, so he went to the company Requests for refunds or refunds were rejected by the company.

Master Li's mortgage-hailed car has been forcibly driven away.

On the evening of November 14, this mortgage-hailed car was driven away by an unknown person in the Shuangliu Wenxing No. 1 parking lot. "The company installed GPS on the car during the mortgage and the company also had a car key. , It is clear that the company does it. "

The company responded:

Money will not be refunded, and you can run a car online without a certificate

On the morning of the 2nd, the cover journalist and Master Li came to Chengdu Youxiang Automobile Service Co., Ltd., and the two parties started negotiations again.

A ride-hailing company in dispute with Master Li.

A Mr. Ke, who claims to be the legal representative and general manager of Youxiang Company, said that regarding the previous mortgaged modern car, Master Li was driven away by the vehicle mortgage company because Master Li did not repay on time, "because Master Li breached the contract , The vehicle was driven away, and a refund would definitely not work. "

The Mr. Ke said that the Hyundai sedan had nothing to do with Master Li before. What he can do now is to help Master Li register an account on other online car rental platforms and provide another car to Master Li. For his sports car, "Master Li can choose to lease the car or purchase it for rent in the car provided later, but he did not explain the specific amounts involved in these two models."

Since Master Li does not have a household registration in Chengdu, can he pass through other online ride-hailing platforms to check and obtain the "person identification card" for online ride-hailing? The answer is obviously no.

So the reporter asked about the "witness testimony", and this Mr. Ke immediately changed his face and raised his tone and aggressiveness. "The testimony is what it is! What do you ask? That's how I communicate with you!"

"As far as I know, the vast majority of drivers in Chengdu haven't applied for a" person identification card ", do they still run the same?" He said that it is "reasonable" to run a network rental vehicle without a permit.

Regarding the suspected "illegal operation" and "illegal operation" of the Chengdu-Nanchong online car-hailing special line, Mr. Ke said that as long as the online car-hailing license is obtained locally and an online order is placed, the location between the two places can be fixed. Round trip sports car.

This statement is clearly a violation of the existing regulations.

Is it reliable to rent?

Many practical problems, driver friends need to be careful

In fact, not only Master Li, but the company ’s other unwilling driver, Master Zhou, said that the company had previously promised him to run an intercity line, but after paying the money, he still refused to arrange because he did not have “witness”. Instead, he was asked to run an ordinary online taxi. "The platform service fee charged by the company is very high, which is very uneconomical, but the money has been paid, and it cannot be refunded. I have no choice."

Earlier, Master Deng, the driver of the online car rental service, also disclosed to the cover reporter that they and Chengdu Shangpin Tianxia Trading Co., Ltd. ran the online car rental service through the model of renting and purchasing. In September, the online car rental company turned out. Empty.

In addition, the online taxi driver found that part of the money paid for the down payment of the car was embezzled by the company, and the ownership of the car was not in the driver's hands, and could be taken away by the loan and mortgage institution.

An industry insider who has been engaged in the ride-hailing industry for many years told reporters that with the development of the ride-hailing industry, especially the introduction of regulatory policies, the ride-hailing drivers are basically full-time drivers, and there are very few drivers who make guest sports cars earn extra money. Since you are a full-time driver, the cost of your vehicle has become a big issue. "

In this context, many online car rental companies that purchase by rent have emerged. Online car rental drivers can first pay part of the car and then mortgage the sports car. After the contract expires, the car belongs to the driver. "But in actual operation, some Company loan interest is high, there are many problems such as false promises, complicated expenses, etc. "he said.

Public reports show that online car rental companies rent and purchase vehicles from drivers, and forced car deductions because drivers cannot afford loans, have appeared in many places such as Zhejiang and Shaanxi, exposing numerous problems.

At present, Chengdu Wuhou District market supervision department has been involved in the investigation.

Cover News Reporter Li Zhi Photography Report

(Editors: Gao Hongxia and Luo Yu)
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