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Chengdu openly recruits outstanding professional cadres from industrial function zones nationwide

release: 12-12 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original title: Recruiting 186 people on the 20th registration deadline

In order to further optimize the structure of the leadership team and the cadre team in the industrial function zone of our city and continuously improve the professional level of the cadre team, on the 12th, the Chengdu Municipal Organization Department issued an announcement to openly recruit outstanding professional cadres in the industrial function zone.

It is understood that a total of 186 outstanding professional cadres were recruited this time. Among them, there are 7 deputies in the industrial function zone, 32 middle-level executives in the industrial function zone, 42 middle-level deputies in the industrial function zone, and 105 general cadres in the industrial function zone.

According to the requirements, this open recruitment will be carried out in accordance with the procedures of registration, qualification examination, testing, inspection, publicity, physical examination, and appointment (hiring). The registration deadline is at 17:00 on December 20th, and the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee will review the qualifications for registration with the personnel department of the relevant organization. At the same time, according to the level and conditions of job recruitment, structured interviews and other methods will be used to test and compare candidates who have passed the qualification review to determine the target of the difference. Among them, the test of the deputy position of the team in the industrial function area is carried out by the municipal organization department in conjunction with the local personnel department, and the other personnel are organized by the local personnel department.

In terms of policy treatment, the market-oriented employment system, namely the post system, is implemented in the industrial function areas that provide jobs; after the recruiters enter the post, they sign labor contracts with relevant agencies in the industrial function areas; the probation period is 6 months, and the employment period is generally After 3 years, he will be reappointed after passing the assessment. For those who have expired and performed exceptionally well during their work, they can report to the higher-level organization's personnel department for research and approval, and can be hired to a higher-level leadership position or perform transfer procedures. The remuneration package will provide remuneration packages that are related to my own conditions and work performance and have market competitiveness. Buy "five insurances and two benefits" (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, work injury insurance, housing provident fund, and enterprise annuity). (Reporter Yang Caihua)

(Editors: Zhang Huawei, Gao Hongxia)
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