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  • good news! Chengdu will openly recruit outstanding professional cadres from the industrial function area in China in 2019!

good news! Chengdu will openly recruit outstanding professional cadres from the industrial function area in China in 2019!

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good news!
Chengdu to open recruitment nationwide in 2019
Excellent professional cadres in the industrial functional area!
In order to further implement the municipal committee's series of deployment requirements for strengthening the construction of industrial function zones, to further optimize the structure of the leadership team and cadre team in the industrial function zone of our city, and to continuously improve the professional level of the cadre team, we are now hiring outstanding professional programs in the industrial function zone. Cadre talent.
A total of 186 cadre talents are planned for the recruitment. Among them, there are 7 deputies in the industrial function zone, 32 middle-level executives in the industrial function zone, 42 middle-level deputies in the industrial function zone, and 105 general cadres in the industrial function zone.
Registration conditions
This time it is mainly for the national talents. There is no restriction on the status of civil servants, public servants or professionals.
● Applicants should have the following basic qualifications:
1. Have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, abide by the Constitution and laws of the People's Republic of China, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and support the socialist system.
2. Meet the requirements of the professional background, professional experience and other relevant conditions required for recruitment positions, have good professional ethics and professional accomplishment; if the job has professional qualification requirements, it should have the qualifications required by relevant national industry management departments.
3. Good health and physical conditions for performing duties normally.
● Registration will not be accepted in any of the following situations:
1. Being listed as the target of joint punishment for dishonesty according to relevant regulations;
2. Criminal punishment or dismissal from public office for a crime;
3. Those who have been subject to disciplinary sanctions, or party disciplinary and administrative sanctions are still in the period of disciplinary action or the period of influence has not expired, or are suspected of disciplinary violations of law and are undergoing investigation and investigation by the relevant authorities without reaching a conclusion;
4. Other circumstances required by laws and regulations.
The age and service life calculations are up to the date of this announcement. For job levels, post types, main responsibilities, background experience, and other conditions, please refer to the "Position Table of Outstanding Professional Cadres for the National Open Recruitment Industrial Function Zones in 2019" (http://cdhrss.chengdu.gov.cn download).
Recruitment process
This open recruitment will be conducted in accordance with the procedures of registration, qualification review, testing, inspection, publicity, physical examination, and appointment (hiring).
● Sign up. This recruitment introduction is implemented online registration. The applicants log in to the Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (website: http://cdhrss.chengdu.gov.cn) within the prescribed registration time, and click on "Personal Services-> Personnel Examination" on the right. "To enter the Chengdu personnel examination network to view recruitment announcements. Please download and fill in the "Registration Form for Enrolled Persons," and attach a resident identity card, academic (degree) certificate, professional (practical) qualification, professional and technical qualification certificate, and scanned documents (certificates) required for other positions, and Scanned copies of main work achievements (results) materials and related certification materials in recent years. Send it to cd_cygnq_zp2019@163.com before 17:00 on December 20, please mark the registered "district (city) county name + post serial number" for the mail name, and it will not be accepted after the deadline.
● Qualification review. The Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee will review the eligibility for registration with the personnel department of the relevant organization. Those who exceed the registration time, submit incomplete qualification materials or do not meet the requirements will not be able to pass the preliminary qualification examination. After passing the examination, the phone or SMS will be used to report the registration status. Contact details are accurate and unblocked).
● Testing. This test uses structured interviews and other methods according to the level and conditions of job recruitment to test and select candidates who have passed the qualification review to determine the target of the difference. Among them, the test of the deputy position of the team in the industrial function area is carried out by the municipal organization department in conjunction with the local personnel department, and the other personnel are organized by the local personnel department. The test time, place and method will be notified separately.
● Inspection. On-site inspections were conducted on the participants of the difference inspections, and the places and units where preliminary candidates were located were investigated, focusing on the political quality and moral, ability, diligence, performance, and integrity. After the inspection, a comprehensive study and judgement put forward candidates and position suggestions. Those who falsify related materials will be disqualified from recruitment.
● Publicity and physical examination. Based on comprehensive research and judgment of the subject's ability, quality, professional expertise, matching of personnel and posts, development potential and other factors, combined with their own wishes, determine equal candidates and publicize them. Perform a medical examination after the announcement.
● Appointment (hiring). Sign contracts, arrange jobs, and go through relevant procedures in accordance with regulations for those candidates who have not been found to have problems in recruiting and introduction.
Policy treatment
● Preparation of identity. The industrial functional areas that provide jobs this time implement a market-based employment system, namely, the post system. After recruiting staff, they sign labor contracts with relevant agencies where the industrial function zones are located. The probation period is 6 months, and the employment period is generally 3 years. For those who have expired and have performed particularly well during their work, they can be hired to a higher level of leadership or perform reassignment procedures after having reported to the higher-level organization's personnel department for research and approval.
● Remuneration. We will provide remuneration packages with market competitiveness that are linked to my own conditions and work performance, and purchase "five insurances and two benefits" (endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, work injury insurance, housing provident fund, and enterprise annuity). For details, please contact or consult the contact information of the "Jobs for Excellent Professionals in the National Functional District for Open Recruitment in 2019".
The matters not covered in the "Announcement" are explained by the Organization Department of the Chengdu Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.
The public recruitment process accepts social supervision throughout, and the dedicated supervision report phone: 028-12380. Consultation telephone of the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee 028-61886036, 61888810
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