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Consistent with real estate, 58 same-city recruitment shifted from information platform to empowerment platform

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Original title: Consistent with real estate, 58 city-wide recruitment shifted from information platform to empowerment platform Source: Finance and Economics

After the real estate sector shifted from an information platform to an enabling platform, 58 cities began to implement this direction change in the field of recruitment. In the words of 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, in the past, users have felt more "information flood", but in 2020, 58 city recruitment will increase product and business innovation, increase advertising and marketing investment, and improve service experience Empower employers and customers.

Increase advertising investment

Increase traffic growth rate and magnitude

At the 2019 China Employer Branding Ceremony held on November 22, Yao Jinbo admitted that 58 City Recruiting will upgrade from an information service platform to a solution provider. For this reason, the number of products and technical personnel in 58 cities in the third quarter increased by 10% year-on-year. It is expected that in 2020, investment in research and development and innovation will continue to increase.

In terms of product innovation, 58 same-city recruitment will enhance intelligent product technology. On-line 58 face-to-face, intelligent job search assistants will be used to precisely match recruitment needs through video, thousands of faces, and human-machine interaction, providing users with job search, progress, and problem solving And other job search services, allowing companies to reduce communication and answer costs.

In terms of business innovation, since the beginning of this year, 58 city recruitment has formed member recruitment privileges, an exclusive service team, and brand market resource integration to form an ecological barrier to the recruitment industry, optimize membership levels, and build a recruitment product system with 16 growth rights in 5 categories. Bring a diverse recruitment experience.

In addition, 58 city recruitment considers strengthening research and training services, and through launching vocational training programs and setting up professional training courses, it helps job seekers get better employment opportunities. At the same time, through the construction of the 58 tribal community content, job seekers understand the soft power of corporate office scenarios, employee care, and corporate training, helping companies build better employer brands and strengthen interaction with job seekers.

The "Super Job Season" started in cooperation with McDonald's, JD.com, Li Ning, and SF Express will also be created as IP. On August 58 this year, the same-city recruitment and enterprises jointly launched the "Super Occupation Season", which on the one hand brought a comprehensive display to employers and on the other hand allowed job seekers to gain a deeper understanding of the enterprise. Data show that in the first three working days of September, the average daily delivery volume of 58 city-level recruitment resumes increased by 34% year-on-year.

The expansion of C-end user traffic, which is regarded as the cornerstone, will become one of the focus of 58 city recruiting next year. Yao Jinbo said that in 2019, the overall traffic growth rate of 58 cities in the same city will exceed the revenue growth rate. In the future, the traffic growth rate and magnitude will be maximized as much as possible to allow customers to experience better connection results.

"In 2020, we will continue to increase advertising investment to empower recruitment companies." Yao Jinbo promised to put more incremental profits into the market. The 58 city report shows that the third quarter revenue was 4.258 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4% year-on-year; the net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders was 792 million yuan, an increase of 9.0% year-on-year.

Strong job search needs across the country

Develop new employment groups

As China's economy moves from high-speed growth to medium-speed growth, employment has become the focus of attention of all parties. Data show that in the first ten months of this year, 11.93 million people in cities and towns across the country have added jobs, and the annual job creation target for cities and towns has been achieved ahead of schedule. The fourth national economic census pointed out that compared with five years ago, the proportion of tertiary industry enterprises and the number of workers has increased significantly.

58 The City Research Institute of Recruitment released the "China Outstanding Employer Report 2019" at the meeting. According to the first three quarters of this year, the overall demand for job hunting in the country remained strong. Except for the Spring Festival in January and March, the rest of the month maintained a year-on-year increase. Among them, the wholesale and retail industry, leasing and business service industry, accommodation and catering industry have active recruitment demand, accounting for 30.19%, 14.85%, and 10.91% of the total demand, respectively.

With the improvement of residents' consumption level, the rapid development of new retail and living service industries has brought a lot of recruitment needs. “As a more focused service desk focusing on blue-collar workers, 58 City Recruitment is encouraged during this process.” Yao Jinbo said that despite the challenging market, 58 City ’s recruitment of independent paying business users in the third quarter achieved YoY and QoQ increase.

The China Outstanding Employer Report 2019 states that first-tier cities and new first-tier cities are the most active cities for recruitment needs. In the first three quarters, Guangzhou's corporate recruitment was the most active, with a year-on-year growth of 10.47%, followed by Chengdu, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai. The most prosperous positions are sales, followed by catering and personnel / administrative / logistics; companies have paid salaries to a certain extent, with Shanghai paying the highest salary, reaching 9758 yuan / month.

It is worth noting that the new sharing economy, including takeaway and Didi, has provided a huge buffer space for stabilizing employment and expanding demand in the past year. Based on the development trend of the new business format, 58 city-level recruiters stated that they will increase the coverage and support for the employment of new business groups in the next few years. At present, 58 cities in the city are recruiting for more local life services such as moving, housekeeping, and Yueying.

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