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Hande Investment | Quantitative Analyst Recruitment (Full-time)

release: 11-30 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original Title: Hande Investment | Quantitative Analyst Recruitment (Full-time)

Company Profile

Beijing Hande Investment Management Co., Ltd. (“Hande Investment”) is a senior quantitative private equity management company. The company insists on investing through systematic quantitative analysis, and is one of the pioneers in domestic quantitative investment. It is committed to providing professional quantitative investment services for institutional and individual investors. The company has now become an observer member of the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association and has been registered as a private equity fund manager with the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association.

The main members of Hande Investment are graduated from famous universities in China. They have many years of experience in well-known international hedge funds and investment banks. Now they focus on the quantitative trading in the Chinese market. Hande Investment's investment performance is outstanding. The investment yield and Sharpe ratio far exceed the average level of the asset management industry. It has now become the fund manager and investment consultant of many well-known banks, public funds, securities firms, futures companies and wealth management platforms. Hande Investment sincerely invites those who are interested in quantitative trading in the financial market to join. Onboarding employees will work with senior quantitative fund managers to analyze the financial market, seek stable and effective market rules in the complicated market changes, and have the opportunity to deeply understand the core mechanism of quantitative investment. The company will provide competitive remuneration packages and comprehensive career development plans.

work place


Quantitative analyst

0-2年 Work experience: 0-2 years

全职 Job Nature: Full-time

3 Number of recruits: 3

description of job

1. Study the quantitative trading model of China's stock and futures market;

2. Cooperate with fund managers to optimize and monitor the quantitative trading strategies of China's stock and futures markets;

3. Analyze the statistical characteristics of market and transaction data.

Job Requirements

1. Domestic top 2 or international top university master degree or above, major in mathematics, physics, computer, electronics, automation;

2. Possess solid mathematical analysis and logical inference ability, and fully grasp the methods of probability, statistics and other sub-items;

3. Have a good programming foundation and be proficient in at least one programming language: C / C ++ / Python;

4. Love quantitative research, have the spirit of exploration, be able to think deeply, have the ability to learn quickly, and pay attention to details;

5. Extra points: won the first prize of the national mathematics / physics / informatics competition in high school.


1. Annual salary: Negotiable; provide five insurances and one fund, super long paid annual leave;

2. The company provides a complete training system, with senior researchers conducting one-to-one guidance;

3. The company has a good learning and communication atmosphere. In order to encourage employees to continue learning at work, the company reimburses work-related books and training costs;

4. The company implements a flexible working system with a good atmosphere, providing regular medical examinations and free snacks.


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