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"Heavy Recruitment" Recruitment Media Editor (Full Time) at ThePangoal Institution

release: 10-24 Category: Full-time recruitment

"u003Cpu003Eu003Cstrongu003E The Pangoal Institution (The Pangoal Institution) Recruitment Media Editor (full-time) u003Cu002Fstrongu003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Source: Pangu Think Tank; Fengyun University Diplomacy u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003Eu003ui class =" chrome-extension-mutihigh-EuIiUuUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu " Yue u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Company profile: u003Cstrongu003E Pangu think tank u003Cu002Fstrongu003E (The Pangoal Institution) was founded in u003Ci class = "chrome-extension-mutihighlight chrome-extension-mutihighlight-style-2" u003E2013u003Cu002Fiu003E, a well-known Chinese scholar, whose headquarters is located outside Beijing, is Public policy research institutes rooted in China. Think tanks adhere to the concept of "harmony between heaven and earth, apply to the world," and adopt an "objective, open, and inclusive" attitude, deeply cultivating country research along the "Belt and Road", private diplomacy, and regions. Industry and new economy, aging society, 5G and digital economy, macro economy and finance, etc., serve the national policy guidelines. U003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cp u003E Recruitment position: Media Editor (full-time) u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Work Location: Beijing · Xicheng District · Zhanzhan Road Vineyard u003Ci class = "chrome-extension-mutihighlight chrome-extension-mutihighlight-style-4" u003E 一号 u003Cu002Fiu003 = "uu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003Eu003ori-u003Cori span "class =" highlight-text "u003E post responsibilities u003Cu002Fstrongu003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E1, according to the direction of content operation, complete the editing, writing and creation of original content; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E2, responsible for u003Ci class =" chrome-extension-mutihighlight chrome-extension-muttension -style-4 "u003E WeChat u003Cu002Fiu003Eu003Ci class =" chrome-extension-mutihighlight chrome-extension-mutihighlight-style-3 "u003E Public number u003Cu002Fiu003E, official website and other related self-media content release, daily update, maintenance, dissemination; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E3, and related related Events, activities, time nodes, planning, copywriting, liaison, organization, and dissemination of media promotion; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu0 03E4. Media intern training and management; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E5; Pangu Think Tank brand design and promotional materials collection, arrangement, compilation; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E6, event photography, picture selection and archiving. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003Eu003Cstrong toutiao-origin = "span" class = "highlight-text" u003E Post Requirements u003Cu002Fstrongu003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E1, Familiar with the major mainstream self-media platforms and dissemination rules, to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of article releases; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cu003Cu003Eu003C Interested enough, u003Ci class = "chrome-extension-mutihighlight chrome-extension-mutihighlight-style-6" u003E follows the current events and development trends of u003Cu002Fiu003E; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E3, more than one year of relevant work experience; experience in new media editing and operation is preferred Consider; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E4, have a certain new media communication skills and aesthetic ability; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E5, practical work, positive attitude, strong understanding and execution; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E6, journalism, English, international relations, economics majors are preferred. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003Eu003Cstrong toutiao-origin = "span" class = "highlight-text" u003E benefits u003Cu002Fstrongu003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E1. Five insurances and one fund; u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E2. Salary is negotiable. u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003Eu003Cstrong toutiao-origin = "span" class = "highlight-text" u003E Contact information u003Cu002Fstrongu003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E Resume delivery email: weiliping @ pangoalu003C003E003Eu003Eu00E003Eu003Cue class: chrome-extension-mutihighlightlighting 13161350678 (Mr. Wei) u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cimg src = "http: u002Fu002Fp3.pstatp.comu002Flargeu002Fpgc-imageu002FR6ABRaSHNmhydv" img_width = "128" img_height = "257" alt = "" Recruitment "Pangu think tank (editing) "inline =" 0 "u003Eu003Cpu003Eu003Cstrongu003E Digital Economy Think Tank u003Cu002Fstrongu003Eu003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cimg src =" http: u002Fu002Fp1.pstatp.comu002Flargeu002Fpgc-image "Recruitment img_width =" img_width Media Editor (Full-time) "inline =" 0 "u003Eu003Cpu003Eu003Cstrongu003E Forum for Political Science and International Relations u003Cu002Fstrongu003E u003Cu002Fpu003Eu003Cpu003E In order to better serve the construction of digital China, serve the "Belt and Road" construction, and strengthen theoretical and practical exchanges in the process of digital economy construction. Experts and scholars from China's digital economy and the "Belt and Road" construction field have established a digital economy think tank Adding bricks and tiles to the construction of Digital China. U003Ci class = "chrome-extension-mutihighlight chrome-extension-mutihighlight-style-5" u003E Ministry of Commerce u003Cu002Fiu003E Former Vice Minister Wei Jianguo served as honorary dean, with well-known young scholars Huang Rihan, Chu Yin and other leaders . The Politics and International Relations Forum is a dedicated platform under the Digital Economy Think Tank. u003Cu002Fpu003E "". slice (6, -6), groupId: "6747265088282952203
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