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[Guangzhou Recruitment] Guangzhou Zhongying Lejia Studios Recruitment! Don't miss watching movies

release: 05-29 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original title: [Guangzhou Recruitment] Guangzhou Zhongying Lejia Cinemas Recruitment! Don't miss watching movies

Like your life

Don't be tied to life ,

! Take the first step !

! Dare to challenge !

! Dare to fight !

! As long as you think , nothing can be done !

! Immediately , praise your life and start from this job !


(全职) Waiter (full-time)


Ticket sales, sales, venue services, screenings

1. Ages 16-28 years;

2. Work hard, be serious and responsible, and be aggressive;

3. Love film industry, experience in chain service industry is preferred;

4, have a good sense of service, flexible mind, clear tongue, and affinity;

5. It can adapt to the rotation and shift of the studio (the night shift needs to be up to 24 o'clock), with four to five days off every month.

Salary treatment:

Basic salary + night shift subsidy + meal supplement + outstanding employee award + performance award + post commission


1. Five days paid annual leave after one year of employment;

2. Pension, medical, unemployment and other insurances;

3. Monthly employee birthday party activities and group building activities;

4. Overtime pay for national legal holidays is tripled;

5. Film City employees watch movies for free, unlimited times, and there are two additional employee movie coupons per month.

Promotion route:

Ordinary employee—team leader—operation supervisor—operation manager—deputy general manager—general manager

Interested parties please submit your resume ( with photos ) to the mailbox or go to the studio to find the duty manager for an interview .


Director Huang 135-3986-4026



working address:

Guangzhou Tianhe District Tianhe North Road No. 711 ~ 713 (Subway Huashi Station Exit B) 3rd Floor, City Square

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