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[Miko Studios] Recruiting Full Time Waiters!

release: 08-23 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original title: [Mico Studios] Recruiting Full-Time Waiter!

(。 ・ ∀ ・) Hey, friends

Come on, let's do what we like!

Not only can you show your talents and ambitions here, you can grow up with Chinese movies!

Mass movies can be watched for free! !!

萌妹子 还是 硬汉子 No matter if you are a cute girl or a tough guy !

热爱电影 的心! As long as you have a passion for movies !

照! We take pictures! single! all! Close!

We need you :


1. Age 18-30 years, height over 160cm.

2. Good image temperament and positive attitude.

3. Proactive work, strong communication and adaptability, good execution, and love film and television entertainment service industry.

4, can strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the Studio, and have the courage to take responsibility.

5. Good at learning and being able to quickly become familiar with the work requirements and procedures of each department of Studio City .

6, can adapt to shift work (8-hour work system).


◆ Social Insurance

餐费补贴、夜班补贴 Meal subsidy, night shift subsidy

◆ Free movie viewing for family members, birthday benefits, annual travel, etc.

国家法定节假日工作可享受三倍工资 ◆ You can enjoy triple wages for national legal holidays

电影免费看! Watch movies for free! Watch for free! See you want to vomit!

In fact, this is a very cute family ~ you want the exercise, the salary you want, the full life you want, the development platform you want, all here satisfy you! !! !!

How to join us?

contact details:

Manager Liu / Shi Manager

contact number:


可拨打咨询电话 Interested parties can call the consultation phone

Or bring your resume to the studio for an interview

Never call in the middle of the night

Thank you for your cooperation ~

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