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Full-time recruitment cheers for 9.75 million candidates! See you four years later!

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Today, the first day of the national college entrance examination, the number of candidates reached 9.75 million, "after 00" will step into the college entrance examination room, ushering in the first big test of life. After four years, they will graduate into the workplace and enter the society. From then on, will the college entrance examination be the only opportunity to subvert themselves and change their life trajectory? Will voluntary college entrance examinations really affect my life? In today's information explosion, how to choose a major, in the future, you can do what you like. Which major choices do the hot professions currently correspond to? Is it true that academic qualifications are the king in the workplace?

Is the college entrance examination an important opportunity to change the trajectory of life?

Decades ago, the college entrance examination was probably the only choice and opportunity for most of us to change our life trajectory. However, today's diversified value orientation allows us to have many choices. Choose a wonderful life.

Various examples we have seen in the past few decades, including Jack Ma of Alibaba, Yu Hong of New Oriental, and Li An of Taiwan, including myself, have participated in multiple college entrance examinations. Teacher Yu of New Oriental only scored 33 points in English for college entrance examination. No one expected that he would later become an English teacher for all Chinese people. My university also learns English. I only took 39 points in the first year of college entrance examination, 56 points in the second year, and 93 points in the third year. So I was the same as Ma Yun. I also took the college entrance examination three times. It has also changed the lives of those of us. Similarly, people who dropped out of college, such as Bill Gates abroad, Zuckerberg on Face Book, and Jobs from Apple, all later have better careers and have glorious lives.

So the college entrance examination is important, but it is not the only opportunity to change our life trajectory.

Is the major chosen by the college entrance examination important for future careers?

For most people, the voluntary choice of college entrance examination will indeed affect their lives, because many people's future occupations are highly related to the profession, but not necessarily everyone.

Some people say that what I want to do in the future, I choose whatever major, this idea is great. But before you choose a major, you must be clear about which companies will do what jobs and jobs after graduation in the future. For example, some people say that I will make a lot of money in the future, so I choose finance, but there are too many corresponding positions in finance, and not every one makes money. Some people say that I like astronomy, so I ’m going to study astronomy, but your future May be a geography teacher in high school after graduation. Teacher Yu Minhong show English finally became the English teacher of the whole Chinese people, but there are still more people who have not studied related majors, did not go to university, or are not at all engaged in their majors. For example, the major is English Jack Ma, finally started a business.

Profession is important, but it is not everything. Choosing the right major determines your first job choice when you graduate from college, but majoring does not determine your success in the next 30 years of your career.

What major is more popular now?

Data science big data technology, artificial intelligence robotics engineering, cyberspace and security information security, and the major languages related to the Belt and Road that are currently popular because of the national grand strategy, etc., as well as emerging engineering majors, new materials science, The Internet and new media, these are relatively new and popular majors, and it will be easier to find a job when you graduate.

In order to graduate and get a job, do you want to choose the most popular major?

Today's hot majors are not equal to hot majors in 20 years' time. Today's hot big data and artificial intelligence may not be hot in 10 or 20 years. The computer major has lived for 30 years. In the past, humans were required to create robots and to program machines. In the future, robots may be used for programming. Therefore, choosing a major does not necessarily have to be based on many years. 15 years later, 20 years later what your job will look like, no one knows. When looking at various reports and data on the impact of artificial intelligence on future human occupations, we found that many of the most popular financial majors in the past were the easiest. Replaced by artificial intelligence.

Going to college is not just choosing a good career major, because you do n’t know what the world will be like in 20 years, and you still need to do the work, so you still return to the most essential, what do you like to do? This is the most important thing. Be your happiest when you like it.

Does education matter in the workplace?

Education is a stepping stone. Any company needs to consider efficiency and cost when selecting talents. Our ability, at least our basic quality and educational background, has already been reflected in academic qualifications, so many units decide whether to accept based on academic backgrounds, academic backgrounds are not good, if you want to go to some more well-known companies difficult.

But the age of education is king, and education cannot determine your life. You are 211, 985. You are a very popular major. It only means that you may have a high-paying job when you graduate, but it does not mean that you still have such a high ability after ten years and can give you High income. The college entrance examination can indeed change our lives, but your hard work and your struggle for 30 years in the workplace can also change your life!

Come on in the college entrance examination!

I wish 2018 9.75 million candidates a successful college entrance examination!

Four years later, goodbye!

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