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First-tier cities with an average annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan; Netease recruits senior love commissioner in Guangzhou

release: 07-06 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original title: First-tier cities with an average annual salary of more than 100,000 yuan; Netease recruits senior love commissioners in Guangzhou Source: Huafa Lyre National Platform

The average daily refund is about 3,500 people, ofo Xiaohuang car online refund deposits are still nearly 16 million

According to an "old employee" of Ofo, who did not want to be named, the average number of daily deposits returned by Ofo is around 10,000. According to actual measurements, the average daily number of refunds for OFO Xiaohuang is around 3,500, and there are more refunds on weekdays and relatively fewer on weekends. Ofo Xiaohuang car still has nearly 16 million people applying for deposit refunds online. The total amount of deposits to be refunded is about 1.584 billion to 3.184 billion yuan. Based on the daily number of deposits of 3,500 people, it still takes about 12 years to return the deposits of all users. (World Wide Web)

Police inform Li Yanhong of being splashed with water: the suspect has been sentenced to 5 days in administrative detention

36 氪 was informed that according to Ping An Chaoyang news, at 11:00 on July 3, 2019, the Aoyuan Police Station of Chaoyang Branch received an alarm from a Baidu company staff member that a man disrupted the order of his company's activities. After receiving the alarm, the police conducted an investigation according to law. At present, the suspect Cheng Moumou has been punished with administrative detention for 5 days.

First-tier cities average annual salary: Beijing leads, Guangshen enters 100,000 yuan club for the first time

As of July 4th, the annual average wage data of the four first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in 2018 has all been released. From the data point of view, Beijing ’s average salary ranks first, with urban non-private units reaching 145,766 yuan and urban private units reaching 76,908 yuan. In 2018, the average annual salary of employed persons in urban non-private units in Guangzhou was 109,879 yuan, of which the average annual salary of employed workers was 111,839 yuan; the average annual salary of employed persons in urban private units was 66,719 yuan. In 2018, the average wage of non-private units in Guangzhou and Shenzhen both broke into the "100,000 yuan club" at a relatively high rate of growth, truly forming an echelon with Beijing and Shanghai. (21st Century Business Herald)

NetEase recruits senior love commissioner in Guangzhou

NetEase's official website updated the recruitment information yesterday, showing that NetEase is hiring a senior love commissioner. Recruitment information shows that this position is a full-time position, the working period is 0-3 years, the education requirement is an undergraduate, the job category is the market, and the working point is in Guangzhou. (Sina Technology)

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: App Hungry, Little Red Book, Storm Financial and other apps illegally collect personal information

The first quarter telecommunication service quality announcement issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that after technical inspection of application software in 50 mobile phone application stores, 33 illegal software were found, including Hungry, Xiaohongshu, Netease Koala, Bay Many apps, such as Beihai, Shenzhou Rent-a-car, and Duoduo, have problems collecting personal information without user consent. Storm Group The Storm Finance developed by the company limited by shares has not publicized the user's personal information collection and use rules; it has not provided account cancellation services. (China Economic Weekly)

Tianfeng International Guo Mingxuan: New MacBook may abandon butterfly keyboard in the second half of 2019

Tianfeng International analyst Mingming Guo said in the report that it is predicted that the MacBook Air updated models in the second half of 2019 may abandon the butterfly keyboard and use scissor keyboards for the following reasons: 1. Improve the user keyboard experience; 2. Reduce the probability of failure; 3. Reduce costs; 4. Newly developed scissor keyboard successfully developed. In addition, Guo Mingyi estimates that the unit price of a newly designed scissor keyboard for a MacBook is about 150–250% higher than that of a general notebook keyboard.

OYO Hotel's Foreign Affairs President Fu Xiaoming resigns, one of 8 CXOs

O Xiao Hotel CGRO (President of Foreign Affairs) Fu Xiaoming has left. Before leaving office, Fu Xiaoming was one of the 8 CXOs previously announced by OYO Hotel. He is a member of the EC Executive Committee of OYO China. The executives on the committee include OYO India's founder Ritesh and co-founder Arno (Anuj) and several "CXO" executives in China. Fu Xiaoming was appointed as the President of OYO Hotel's Foreign Affairs in early 2019, mainly responsible for government and foreign relations.

Tencent's "Catch Monsters Together" Imposes "Curfew" on All Underage Users

According to Tencent's promotion plan for protecting the health of minors on the Internet, the mobile game "Let's catch a demon" has recently officially connected to the health system and implemented a "curfew" measure for all minor users, that is, "daily 21: 00-next day" No play between 8:00. "

Ali auction: there is no "5% charge", no "two-way charge"

The Ali auction platform recently announced the change of charging rules on the asset disposal channel. Some market interpretations believe that "from August 1 on, the successful disposal of the target on the Ali auction asset disposal channel (excluding the judicial auction channel) will be based on the new standard for assets. The disposal agency and related buyers charge software service fees. The specific charging standards are: 5% of the total transaction price (starting price + premium), and the upper limit of a single target is 2 million. " In this regard, Ali Auctions said that the "5% charge" statement is seriously false, and it may be that one zero is missing and there is no "two-way charge". (Securities Times)

Didi's Lost Items Handling Rules were implemented on a trial basis yesterday, and the rules were subsequently amended from time to time

Didi Chuxing announced that it will start trials of the revised rules for handling lost items starting from yesterday, and will subsequently revise the optimization rules from time to time in conjunction with the company ’s feedback and improve the product in accordance with the actual situation. Didi Chuxing publicly released a draft of "Special Rules for the Handling of Lost Items on Internet Cars (Trial)" on June 11-17. During the publicity period, a total of 1,100 feedbacks were received, of which 51.3% of the respondents had lost items in the car, and 48.7% of the respondents had not lost items in the car. (Sina Technology)

360 responds to the suspension of mobile phone business: just slowing down, still looking for 5G opportunities

It is reported that 360's mobile phone business has been suspended, and no new products have been released for nearly a year. In this regard, 360 said that the mobile phone business was not completely suspended, but only slowed down. The team is still struggling to find 5G opportunities. The IOT business is a family-oriented security solution in the 360 Group Grand Security Strategy. (Sina Finance)

Tencent video animation channel: monthly active users have exceeded 150 million

Tencent Video and Penguin Film and Television hosted the annual animation conference in 2019 with the theme of "Fueling the country's bloody youth". Tencent Video Animation Channel announced that it has more than 150 million monthly active users, ranking first in the network in terms of traffic and user volume. At the press conference, Tencent Video released the "Guoman BANG Project", which will use animation VR, virtual character development, etc. to create a Tencent video Guoman hero universe, through a series of development and operation, online content resources and other support, offline Manzhan Concerts, etc., form a closed loop of the IP industry chain with the role of Guoman.

Baidu responds to "plagiarism from Tmall Elf": malicious attack, Xiaodu Play has independent design

Alibaba's artificial intelligence laboratory at the Dharma Institute Li Jianye pointed out on the 3rd that the appearance of the new Baidu smart speaker was copied from Tmall's elf cube sugar R. In response to this, Xiaodu's internal stakeholders responded that the microblog's insinuation of Xiaodu's smart speaker Play is completely nonsense, and Xiaodu Play has its own independent design concept and basis. (Sina Technology)

Huawei banned exacerbates chip surplus, Samsung Electronics cuts profits

British media said that South Korea ’s Samsung Electronics announced a preliminary quarterly profit estimate on July 5. Analysts predict that operating profit in the second quarter will be cut by more than half year-on-year, as Samsung ’s memory chip shipments to China ’s Huawei declined, The situation is exacerbated as prices fall due to excess. According to a Reuters report on July 3, this will be Samsung ’s worst quarterly profit in the past three years. Analysts pointed out that the overall oversupply situation in the electronics industry has slowed down and the oversupply situation has not improved. Samsung ’s profit may rebound We have to wait for several seasons. (Sina Technology)

Apple proposes settlement with South Korean antitrust agency or pays large fine

According to the Korea Herald website, Apple Corps has proposed a settlement with the South Korean antitrust agency, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC). As early as 2016, Apple was accused of antitrust behavior in South Korea, that is, using the iPhone's dominant position to "issue orders" to operators. The report said that Apple's Korean subsidiary requested the South Korean FTC to pass a "consent order" to end the dispute. Usually this form of settlement requires companies to pay a certain fine and promise not to commit it again in the future. In this regard, the South Korean FTC has given confirmation. (Sina Technology)

iCloud crashes, Apple says current issue has been resolved

According to The Verge, some Apple users have reported problems with the iCloud service. Other users have found that these issues have extended to the Apple Store and they are unable to complete order purchases. Apple's official website's system status page report shows that iCloud's calendar, contacts and reminders are currently affected by the interruption, and some users may have problems logging in. Apple has said that issues affecting Apple payments, documentation, finding my friends, finding my iPhone, Game Center, iCloud login, and other services have been resolved. (Pin play)

WeChat denies rumors of large-scale name seals, which has cracked down on millions of use of external accounts this year

In response to rumors that WeChat banned 30 million WeChat signals within half an hour, the official WeChat account of WeChat posted a statement yesterday saying that the large-scale name was fake, but it was true to crack down on the use of plug-in violations. WeChat stated, "Accounts that explicitly use external plug-in functions will be subject to the principle of stepwise penalties according to the degree of violation, including but not limited to functions such as restricting the circle of friends, adding friends, greetings, etc., and restricting login and other forms. Penalties will be increased. "This year, WeChat has cracked down on millions of accounts that explicitly use external plug-ins.

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