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[June 9th] Ningbo part-time + full-time (post job @ 微 博: 老 白 在 宁波)

release: 06-10 Category: Full-time recruitment

Original title: [June 9] Ningbo part-time + full-time (posted a job @ 微 博: 老 白 在 宁波)


part time

full time

full time


Recruiting anchor

**full time**

full time

Settle billing positions, recruit one, salary 4000-4500, single break, summer time: 8.30-17.30, winter time: 8.30-17.00, provided by lunch company, need to be computer-based operation, do things carefully, it is best to live in the high-tech zone And nearby, work address: the intersection of Jianlan Road and Tongtu Road, Ningbo Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo Ningbo Chengcheng Xingxing New Energy Vehicle Sales Service Co., Ltd. Contact: Miss Chen 13082908738

full time

Lezhi Education Recruitment:

1. One full-time teacher (can teach a single subject, can take care of a class), requirements: serious and responsible, good-looking, caring and patient, teacher qualification certificate priority, preferential treatment.

2. 3 art teachers, requirements: art major is preferred, or those with experience in work are preferred, serious and responsible, long-term cooperation, profit sharing system, works can be sent to the mailbox.

3, 3 calligraphy teachers, requirements: prior calligraphy teaching experience is preferred, serious and responsible, long-term cooperation, profit sharing system.

4. Number of teachers in other disciplines. Address: Wuxiang, Yinzhou District

Contact Teacher Dong 13219914196 (same number on WeChat)

full time

Branch principal: 1

Full-time language teachers: 5

boss direct move!

If you can, you just come!

Dream Hotline: 13486031720 (Same account number on WeChat , please specify remarks for application and position)

full time

China Life Insurance's after-sales department recruits general positions. The company directly recruits sales assistants and after-sales service specialists. The company provides resources for old customers. By organizing policies, changing customer information, and assisting in claims settlement, subsequent insurance increases or additional insurance can be enjoyed. 100,000 or basic salary of 3000-5000 yuan, 40% commission, at the same time enjoy allowances and various programs, not capped. Double holiday + five insurances and one gold + tourism + annual bonus.

Working hours: 8:30 in the morning, no punch-in after work, weekends and weekends, working hours are relatively free.

Job description: Service and maintenance of group customers

Requirements: Age 20-45, no limit for men and women, with or without experience, high school education or above, and good interpersonal communication skills.

Contact: Manager Wu 18886827719 (same number on WeChat)

Also welcome all outstanding freshmen to come for interview

full time

Recruitment summer class teacher.

Job requirements: Chinese language and literature, teacher education majors, conscientious, responsible, honest, approachable is preferred!

Working time: July 8-August 23 (Saturday and Sunday) Working benefits: 3200 yuan completed. Work Address: Near Metro. Contact phone : 13806662312

full time

Now the company recruits a personnel commissioner with a college degree or above, with or without experience. Requires cheerful and motivated, working in the southern business district, nine to six. Interested parties can contact me 15968947371

**part time**

part time

Work content: Recruit two part-time personnel to call and inform users to participate in 618 activities (relevant experience is preferred)

Working hours: 6.10, 6.11 (9 am to 5 pm, with lunch break)

Salary: 120 yuan a day (with lunch)

Work Address: Huacheng International 1507, Ningbo High-tech Zone

Phone: 15888165185 (same number on WeChat)

part time

Recruit mobile customer service part-time, full-time, administrative back-office, clerk, interested parties to chat privately 13818902241 with WeChat Chengdu Recruitment Network (adnavinc.com)

Editor-in-chief: Chengdu Recruitment Network

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