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Etiquette of Guiyang Bank College Student Recruitment Interview Skills 2019

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Original title: Etiquette of Guiyang Bank College Student Recruitment Interview Skills 2019

The recruitment of Guiyang Bank's college students in 2019 is in full swing. From the end of the written test to the present, have we seriously prepared for interview preparation? Next, the public financial person will analyze the matters needing attention in interview etiquette for candidates, to help you overcome the difficulties of the interview and become financial people smoothly.

1.Clean and decent clothes

When applying for a job interview, the interviewer's dress is very important. This is also very important for many companies, because whether the candidate's dress decently reflects the applicant's mental appearance and attitude towards the job. You have to choose your own clothes according to the industry you are going to interview. If you are interviewing the financial industry or the sales industry, then you are best to wear formal clothes. If you are interviewing some of the more common industries, then you should pay attention to your clothes. Already.

2. Be polite

Polite people are usually friendly, so be polite when interviewing. For example, when you enter the door, you must knock first, and then enter the door after permission. After entering, you need to close the door slowly. Don't forget to greet and shake hands with the interviewer. At the end of the interview, stand up and thank the interviewer before leaving.

3. Gaze at each other

Candidates need to watch the interviewer during the interview. This is also a basic etiquette. If others talk to you, you will always look very unfocused. Candidate's eyes can stay on the interviewer's forehead, so that he can keep his head up with the interviewer, which can also give the interviewer that you are listening carefully

4. Listen carefully

Any interviewer needs to listen carefully to the interviewer's questions, and to answer patiently, do not answer questions ambiguously. If you encounter a problem that you do not understand, you can ask the interviewer to answer it for yourself. This can also show your seriousness.

5. Speak rhythmically and methodically

When answering the interviewer's questions, you must pay attention to your speaking speed. You cannot speak according to your own habits. You must say something that can be understood by others. In addition, when answering the interviewer's questions during the interview, do not answer only "yes" or "no", and make relevant explanations. At the same time, don't be confused and pretend to be confused!

6, dignified posture

The interview posture is actually very critical to the success of the interview. Imagine how a person who can't sit well can win the interviewer's praise? So when sitting for an interview, sit upright and avoid small movements. When sitting down, don't habitually raise Erlang's legs, but straighten the waist. Women should sit with their knees close together and hands on their knees.

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