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After interviewing 3000+ people, the gold HR gives you 3 tips for holding offers

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Hello everyone, my name is Tina. I have been in HR and headhunting for more than 20 years. I have screened more than 200,000 resumes and interviewed more than 3,000 people. I am also a senior who has successfully recommended outstanding talents for companies such as IBM, GE, Siemens, Alibaba, Jingdong, etc. Headhunting consultant.

The selection of senior executives with annual salary of 2 million and the assessment and training of new recruits in the workplace, many stories of success or regret are often staged in me.

Of course, I said that these are not to create panic, but to tell you that in such a severe job search environment, we must cherish every opportunity for a job interview. Based on my professional experience:

It looks like a long decades of career. In fact, when you look back, you can really seize the opportunities, but two or three times, and these few opportunities determine your career.

This is also what I want to do as a career consultant, to help more people, seize the key opportunities in my life, and make each interview a springboard for career advancement.

In my opinion, there are methods for job interviews and resume preparation. Moreover, everyone can easily master them. As long as the window paper is broken, everyone can become a master of job interviews.

Take an example around me, you can feel that as long as you master the method, the probability of a successful interview will greatly increase:

My friend's daughter Xiao Ou once found me, hoping that I could help her revise her resume. Prior to this, she received only two interview notices in a month, and the interviews returned without success.

I looked at her resume and found that her education is ordinary, her work experience is more general, the company has no reputation, and the job duties have only written XX company XX positions, and did not write what the job duties are, it seems that she can't hold her at all Keywords of competence and experience.

After chatting with her, I helped her to add a description of specific job responsibilities, and also helped her discover that although her previous company was not well-known, she had served a large customer like Jingdong, and her resume can be used in the resume. Clients endorsed to light up their work experience. I used the 621 resume method to help her adjust some details.

Unsurprisingly, one month later, the girl happily called me: not only did I receive more than a dozen invitations for interviews in a month, but she also smoothly entered the company of my choice.

So you see, the details are in place, and the opportunities for you are increasing exponentially.

Therefore, I very much hope to share my experience with you and hope to give practical help.

Generally, I will throw a few questions first during the guidance process. You can also try to think about it immediately and how to answer it.

What is the reason for your departure?

What is your expected salary?

What is your career plan in 5 years?


Seemingly simple questions can be answered less than 10%.

do you know? Every question of the interviewer may become a digging pit; sometimes job seekers inadvertently dig a pit themselves in the process of answering the questions.

Because the interviewer will interpret too much information from your answers, for example, in the face of the reason for leaving, you answered that the previous company had overtime and there were problems with the product, so you left. The interviewer will feel that you like to complain, do not want to suffer, and the failure of the interview is a foregone conclusion.

It doesn't matter, I will give you HR not easy to disclose from the three directions of resume writing, interview preparation, interview communication and other skills that can be used after reading to help you avoid pits perfectly and improve 99% success rate.


Only 10 seconds for each resume

How to write a resume that stands out

do you know? HR sees hundreds of thousands of resumes every day, and each resume only stays for 10 seconds . You only have 10 seconds to let HR get excited and give you an interview invitation.

Does it sound difficult? In fact, doing the "Keyword + Attitude + Personality" trilogy can greatly increase the success rate.

1. Keywords: keywords , descriptions of companies, positions, customer names, industries, responsibilities, and locations.

For example, the company is looking for a sales mainly to sell its products to China Mobile, and its working place is Wuhan.

HR must see: sales + China Mobile + Wuhan, these three keywords. If you do n’t see it, HR ca n’t see it, there is no interview notice!

2. Attitude: Simple examples. Some resumes simply write the job title XX Company-Position. The specific job content is either blank or a sentence. HR basically thinks that you do n’t pay attention to such important information as the specific job content. That is natural I will not inform you of the interview.

After interviewing 3000+ people, the gold medal HR gives you 3 tips for holding the offer.

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