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Thugs force others to strike themselves but apply for jobs: there are only a few hundred dollars left to do

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(Original Title: Hong Kong Thugs Forced Others to Strike Himself But Seek Jobs Around: They Can Do Anything, But No One Wants)

1576106568163424.jpg Hong Kong thugs sell jobs online for mercy. (Source: Hong Kong News Network)

Since Hong Kong's "revision of storms", mobsters in Hong Kong have repeatedly launched the so-called "non-cooperation movement" by means of roadblocks, damage to public facilities and traffic paralysis, forcing citizens to strike with them. However, while many thugs forced others to go on strike, they turned around and shouted for jobs, saying that they were out of money.

According to the Hong Kong News Network reported on the 11th, on the "Liandeng Discussion Zone" where members of the chaotic Internet gathered, "Lian Dengzai" posted a miserable claim that he had been unemployed for several months, and there were only a few hundred dollars left in the bank account. No one asked for a job. He also said that he was no longer picky about the type of work, but did not even have the opportunity to do hard work, and consulted his colleagues about job introductions online.

This message area has attracted many "Lian Dengzai" who are "comforting with the same disease." Most of them have said they have been unemployed for two or three months, and their savings have bottomed out.

Many netizens satirically said, "Don't you want to be a junior?" Why are you looking for a job? "," You can go on strike every day now ... "

Some netizens also said that if they are bosses, they will not be invited, because "when you go to work, you will have to" plug you in "and" with your lunch ", and there is not much working time left after deduction", "where can you afford Ah? Thugs throwing petrol bombs make so much money a day "," Burning shop and getting private again. I don't know what the consequences are. What would you ask? "

The chaotic Hong Kong elements have recently launched the so-called "three strikes" operation in an attempt to block railways and roads in various districts in Hong Kong. behavior. Some people have pointed out that the strike is to ask others to volunteer, and it is never meaningful to force others to strike. Others have bluntly stated that it is time to stop "Operation Dawn" and "Junior Three".

Just as the article "Repelling Lies and Violence and Restoring Peace in Hong Kong" recently published by the People's Review, Hong Kong citizens may be expressing their tiredness of violence in their words and deeds. When you understand that it is the sedition and insurgency teachers, members of the parliament, and lawyers who are taking their children on the "road of no return", you should be aware of the pain of social unrest, hurt yourself, the family, and the future. How necessary and urgent is it to dispel lies and violence and fill Hong Kong with sunshine, hope and positive energy. Social bitter violence is long and hope for peace! Let the suffocation of violence suffocate, this home is still home, civilization is still there; Hong Kong is still Hong Kong, and the style is still there.

Hong Kong thugs exposed to stealing crowdfunding to involve a district council candidate

Overseas Network, December 11th. Recently, Hong Kong thugs organized crowdfunding activities online, but suspected fraudulent donations and disorderly accounts were revealed. The incident even involved a newly elected pan-violent district council candidate.

According to Hong Kong's Ta Kung Pao report on December 11, Hong Kong thugs attempted to raise funds on the Internet for a riot activity called "Hey You Xiao", and Steve, the person responsible for "Hey You Xiao", was revealed to be devious , Used to rely on the account of the crowdfunding website.

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