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Citizens Forum | College Students Cannot Expect "Customized" Resume

release: 12-07 Category: Job Search Tips

Qilu Evening News Li Qing

Nowadays, senior graduates are busy looking for internship opportunities and employment paths. Many inexperienced "Xiaobai" will choose to spend money on templates to create resumes, and even spend tens of thousands of yuan to obtain internship experiences, and find someone to make resumes. . However, the reporter found that there are many minefields in "writing resumes" and "internship training", such as "customized" resumes produced by the assembly line and even a lot of typos. The simulation project allows graduates to "internship" and promote "internship offers" As "Notice of Acceptance", etc.

According to media reports, these companies claim to provide professional "customized" resume services, but in fact they are crudely fabricated by professional human resources teachers who are difficult to distinguish between authentic and fake. They are called project internship opportunities and help college students get admission notices from Internet companies. It's just a high-priced training course in disguise ... Obviously, some job search service companies for college students are using information not equal to "cut leeks", so that college students spend money but do not get the corresponding services, and they do not help any job search. . Such fraudulent behaviors should be investigated.

However, apart from investigations, there are still some issues that need reflection. Why is the "custom" resume service very popular, and it is very popular in the job search of college students. Even if the fees are high, college students are still rushing? This is because of the severe employment situation and the lack of job search experience for many college students. College students want to take shortcuts by packaging resumes, and also provide "growth" opportunities for similar services.

As we all know, college students do not have formal work experience, so internship experience is very important for job hunting. If you have internship experience in well-known companies and have participated in some practical projects, employers will often be given preference. However, some universities do not strive to improve their academic standards and personal abilities in their lives. They actively seek internships and practical opportunities. They just want to quickly get a dazzling "internship certificate", even at the expense of fabricating internship experience and project experience, and even spending money to buy false internships. Proofs and award certificates are extremely undesirable methods of quick success and shortcomings, which not only violate the integrity of human life, but are also detrimental to long-term development and growth.

Of course, when you apply for a job, you can count on shortcuts to package resumes, and college students aren't the ones who started it. The reason why some college students have such a mentality is mainly affected by the bad social atmosphere. Nowadays, there are some counterfeiters who get high income by low cost. This kind of social phenomenon of "bad money drives out good money" has caused some people to follow suit. What is even more worrying is that in order to improve the employment rate of graduates, some colleges and universities now condone the "polishing" of resumes. For example, some universities have set up many "useless" positions for student unions and societies, allowing a large number of graduates to have the title of student cadre, and schools have induced students to stamp fake seals and forge internship certificates, which has seriously distorted the concept of many college students and also given society. The scammers who went to "write a resume" and "provide internship training" provided opportunities.

Bacon has a famous saying, "Life is like a road, and the shortest way is usually the worst way." Over the years, many "successful people" have been exposed to embarrassment after being exposed because of their education and experience of fraud. The career of fresh graduates has just begun, and the road to life in the future is still very long. From the specific strategy of job search, writing a resume requires some skills and methods, and can accept some guidance. It's just that we must not "buy and return the pearls". It is more important to consider packaging resumes than to improve ability and accumulate experience. The glorious "water injection" resume and false internship resume can only be concealed for a while. Individuals cannot really grow, and ultimately they pay for themselves.

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