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Pay ten thousand yuan for a job, this cowhide blows up

release: 12-07 Category: Job Search Tips


Right now is the job hunting season for college fresh graduates. "People's Daily" reporters recently investigated and found that while Internet job search service platforms bring convenience to job seekers, there are also problems such as exaggerated publicity on individual platforms.

The survey found that there are two chaos in some Internet job search service platforms. First, job search training courses cost tens of thousands of yuan and claimed to find work. But many students enrolled in the course found that "there is no substantial effect." Secondly, under the banner of "paid internal referral", it is said that students who are paid for "introduction" can go to famous enterprises for internships. As for the fees, there is "one position and one price". . However, some of the so-called "paid inferences" are completely empty.

Why can these random "brave" platforms succeed? Graduates are not deeply involved in the world, but they are eager to find a good job but are not well prepared. This is an important reason. Therefore, in order to eradicate the chaos, we must proceed from two aspects. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, increase punishment for violations of laws and regulations by job-seeking agencies, regulate the market, and protect the rights and interests of job-seekers. On the other hand, colleges and universities train students to have "employment awareness". First, there must be a "market" in mind. Colleges and universities should adjust their professional settings and personnel training plans with the times according to market needs. Second, we must strengthen school-enterprise cooperation. This will not only help improve students' social practice ability, but also help build an authoritative internship and employment information platform. Finally, employment guidance should be launched as early as possible. For example, the establishment of a special employment guidance course, the content of the course not only includes retouching of the resume, interview skills, but also includes career planning, workplace etiquette, and so on. Of course, "I ca n’t eat hot tofu in anxiety", and the graduates themselves have to keep their minds, so as not to be confused by the "cowhide" of the sky. (Hu Jun)

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