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The fifth event of employment services for college graduates entering the grassroots in 2019

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Original title: The fifth event of employment service for college graduates entering the grassroots in 2019 was successfully held in Qiongjie Street, Liangjiang New District

In order to implement the spirit of the online video conference on employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, and to do a good job of employment of college graduates, on November 18, hosted by Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Chongqing Employment Service Administration Organized by Liangjiang New District Social Security Bureau, Liangjiang New District Oujie Sub-district Office, Liangjiang New District Social Insurance Management Center, Chongqing Key Industry Human Resources Service Co., Ltd., the fifth employment activity of college graduate employment services in 2019-walk into The Liangjiang New District Yaojie was successfully held.

Recruitment and job hunting areas, career guidance areas, policy promotion and application areas, and training registration areas were set up on the site to deliver a full range of employment services to college graduates.


Organized 13 companies including Blue Moon Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch, Chongqing Rosen Convenience Store, Chongqing Yonghui Supermarket, etc., and provided more than 200 comprehensive jobs such as machinery manufacturing, executive store manager, personnel administration, network marketing, marketing commissioner, Guan Peisheng, etc. Each.

Career guidance

Fan Kun , the founder of Chongqing Northwest Institute of Education and Technology, and Zhang Xiaolong , the director of human resources of Chongqing Mego Elevator Co., Ltd. are invited to provide college graduates with one-on-one employment guidance services to help college graduates improve their job search skills and employability.

Policy promotion and declaration

On the spot, college graduates will explain policies related to employment and entrepreneurship, introduce the policy application process, and accept real-name registration, and leave the school without employment and employment subsidies.

Training Registration

Organized two vocational training schools: Chongqing Longren Health Care and Senior Career Vocational Vocational Training School, Chongqing Yubei District Ruijin Vocational Training School, to provide training registration services for college graduates who are willing to train, and later invite college graduates according to their registration wishes. Free targeted training activities.

The event attracted more than 300 people, including more than 150 college graduates. More than 250 publicity materials were distributed, providing career guidance to more than 30 college graduates, registering more than 20 people with training intentions, and reaching more than 40 people with employment intentions.

Follow-up activities for college graduate employment services into the grassroots

Entering Jiefangbei Street, Yuzhong District on November 22

Entering Guanyinqiao Street in Jiangbei District on November 29

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