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Yongren County: Grasping Employment Services for College Graduates

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Original Title: Yongren County: Employment Services for College Graduates

In recent years, Yongren County has attached great importance to employment services for college graduates, and found ways to find a way for graduates, which has greatly eased their employment pressure.

Carry out the real-name registration work well, and make sure that the situation is clear. Carefully carry out real-name service for college graduates, and lock in the service targets through various methods such as on-site registration and registration of recruitment activities, employment and unemployment registration, and policy application services to ensure that all personnel information is available. Enter the information obtained from various channels in a timely manner into the "Yunnan Public Employment Information Management System" and register real-name information, implement a basic ledger, and do a good job of tracking management to ensure that the personnel base, employment requirements and services are clear. Provide support for the employment management tracking service of college graduates.

Carry out accurate employment services and ensure that all policies are publicized. Based on the number, characteristics and employment needs of unemployed graduates, a letter was issued targeted to graduates, introducing employment service action arrangements, informing policy service access channels, and providing information inquiry services. A list of employment and entrepreneurship services was issued to clarify the policy content, service items, enjoyment conditions, and application process to ensure that graduates have full knowledge of policy services. Carry out a career guidance, explain job interview skills, help graduates reasonably determine career positioning, and improve job search capabilities. Develop a job search plan, clarify job search willingness and skill level, put forward career planning directions, recommend suitable employment service items, carry out job recommendation, job introduction, etc. to help graduates determine the job search willingness of the "four one" employment services.

We will solidly carry out classified assistance and improve the pertinence of employment assistance. We will conscientiously organize and carry out various recruitment activities and provide adequate employment. In-depth collection and sorting of job information by enterprises in various places, and targeted job recommendation; strengthen the construction of employment apprenticeship bases, and solidly carry out employment apprenticeship work. Promote the implementation of employment training and "young apprenticeship plan" for college graduates, continuously strengthen the construction of employment apprenticeship bases, develop a batch of high-quality apprenticeship positions based on the characteristics of graduates and apprenticeship needs, and organize a two-way selection fair to ensure probation Graduates who wish to do so can get trainee opportunities, and earnestly implement policies such as trainee subsidies; increase vocational skills training. Include college graduates with training needs in vocational skills improvement action plans, provide targeted training courses and training programs, implement training subsidy policies, improve employment skills and social adaptability, and help key targets. We will provide assistance to those who have set up poverty-stricken families, graduates with disabilities and ethnic minorities with employment difficulties, establish a “one-to-one” connection assistance mechanism, formulate a special assistance plan, give priority to recommending job information, and give priority to participating in training. Aiming at the towns and poor mountainous areas where the graduates with difficulties are concentrated, organize special job fairs, carry out post-to-home activities, strengthen follow-up visits, and help the needy groups find employment.

Strengthen employment rights protection. Carefully carry out the implementation of employment policies, sort out and release the policy handling list, streamline the certification materials, and focus on the implementation of policies for small and micro enterprises to absorb employment, expand flexible employment social security subsidies, start up business support subsidies, and start up business loan issuance to ensure eligible colleges and universities Graduates can enjoy it.

As of October this year, there were 4,377 college graduate files managed by the county. Among them, 336 new graduates files were taken over, and 288 graduates were actually registered. Since 2014, it has organized 21 recruitment activities of various types, provided 105,000 jobs of various types, completed 198 graduate employment trainings for college graduates, and paid 943,100 yuan in full and on-time employment subsidies for college graduates. The development and use of public welfare posts totaled 10,800 people, and 32 families and 417,000 yuan in student subsidies were expanded to boost employment for 102 people. A total of 235 households and 21.95 million yuan in business loans were granted, which led to the employment of 587 people. Yin Youqiong Li Wenzhi

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