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Our College Launches "Simulation Job Search" Challenge

release: 11-30 Category: Job Search Tips

Original title: Our college launched the "simulation job search" challenge

“模拟求职就业”挑战赛 Our College Launches "Simulation Job Search" Challenge

In order to help students clarify their learning goals, correct their learning attitudes, and enhance their motivation and job search ability. 20 日中午,我院于明义 239 教室内开展 “模拟求职就业”挑战赛初赛。 At noon on November 20th , our school launched the "simulation of job hunting" challenge in Mingyi 239 classroom .

Students at levels 17, 18, and 19 are actively signing up and actively participating. The preliminary round of the challenge is a written test session to examine the relevant content of employment regulations and employment knowledge of the students. The contestants can not only enrich the knowledge level, but also exercise their resilience and psychological qualities, which enables our students to improve their understanding of professional employment and have a clearer and more accurate positioning of their own employment direction, which is conducive to establishing the correct concept of career and promoting Employment and entrepreneurship.

不仅可以为大学生提供学习实践的平台,而且可以使大学生掌握必要的 求职就业 技巧,提高大学生的求职能力,并为大学生的求职打好基础。 This activity can not only provide a platform for college students to study and practice, but also enable college students to master the necessary job hunting and employment skills, improve the job search ability of college students, and lay a good foundation for college students to apply for jobs .

Preliminary results will be announced shortly.

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