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Experts recruit two batches of soliciting volunteer filling tips. Two batches of offline candidates are expected to go to undergraduate school.

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Original title: Experts recruited in two batches, solicited volunteer filling skills, two batches of offline candidates were expected to go to undergraduate school

Xinjiang Network News (Reporter Chen Yanfang) Recently, the Autonomous Region Examinations Institute released the news: from August 3rd to 8th, the second batch of admissions to the Xinjiang College Entrance Examination officially started, and then it entered the second batch of undergraduate recruitment volunteer phase. At this stage, the Autonomous Region Examinations Institute will announce two batches of colleges and universities that are not fully enrolled in the admissions program. At the same time, candidates can make voluntary amendments to the specialty batch.

On August 4, the reporter interviewed teachers Qiu Shi and Yan Fang who volunteered to fill the college entrance examination in Xinjiang. Qiu Shi introduced that the second batch of candidates from 20 to 30 points offline is expected to be accepted by local colleges and universities in agriculture, forestry, geology, mining, exploration, and surveying.

Yan Fang said that when a batch of volunteers were collected, the satisfaction rate of high-score candidates was large, and some online candidates fell to two batches of admission, which put pressure on candidates in the second batch of grades. In the second batch of solicitation, candidates should lower all expectations. Schools, majors, and cities can be selected as long as they meet one condition.

Qiu Shi gave suggestions on how to choose each score segment: candidates for science between 326 and 367 and candidates for liberal arts between 387 and 428, mainly for independent colleges and private colleges. Established second-tier universities can be selected from third-tier and third-tier cities.

Candidates between 368 and 408 points for science and between 429 and 469 points for liberal arts students can choose independent colleges, private colleges and public colleges in fourth-tier cities.

Candidates between 409 and 450 points for science and between 469 and 510 points for liberal arts can choose independent colleges and private colleges in first and second tier cities, and public colleges in second and third tier cities.

For the second batch of liberal arts and sciences candidates with scores of 20 to 30, if you want to seize the last chance to go to undergraduate, you can focus on local colleges, private and independent colleges in remote areas, and focus on agriculture, forestry, land and mining And other majors. Because some college students who have abnormal college entrance examinations will choose to repeat because of high tuition fees and poor majors.

In the second batch of soliciting volunteers, the volunteers of the special batch can be modified. Yan Fang suggested that candidates should first consider future employment when revising. This year's batch of specialties has set up a number of majors that are closely connected with the market economy, such as: medical cosmetology, early education, and nursing. If candidates are directly employed after three years of graduation, they can reconsider their options.

For those candidates who want to upgrade to the undergraduate level after three years, it depends on whether the undergraduate section of the school has the same major as the specialist section, which will help the candidates to upgrade in the future.

Author: Chen Yan imitation

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