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2020 Jiangsu National Examination Interviews

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Original title: 2020 Jiangsu National Examination Interviews

Interviews are the only way we want to enter the civil service. CCP education experts provide everyone with a way of thinking and a way of thinking to make everyone more clear in the process of answering questions. However, the inclusion of multiple question types in the interview often makes it difficult for candidates to judge, and the interview has skills. In addition to the question type judgment, the thinking in solving the problem is also important.

1. Interpersonal communication is a relationship, and there are contradictions among multiple subjects, which need to be properly treated and resolved.

Questions about interpersonal questions are still "how to do it", but there are usually contradictions (dissatisfaction, questioning, unreasonableness) between multiple subjects in the stem. These contradictions are not immediate, and may occur after a long period of accumulation. Or something happened for a reason.

Second, the problem is urgent, quarreling with public opinion and watching, you need to calmly understand the problem.

The questioning method is generally "how to do", and the degree of congruence and resolution of the problem is high. It mainly depends on the current situation (arguing, obstruction, etc.) that affects the normal work. If there is no urgent problem, it is a problem accumulated before, then Just do it.

3. The problem solving is very typical. The questioning method has special suggestions, and countermeasures are needed after the purpose.

The questioning method is generally "please give specific suggestions and countermeasures" and "what would you do to solve it", etc. It is easy to confuse with the emergency, and judgment requires attention.

Fourth, communication skills are often available, two general scenarios are different, the general purpose of answering doubts, simulations really do him well.

There are different types of questions: general situations such as "how do you persuade" and "how do you communicate", but you should pay attention to the distinction with interpersonal issues, and most of the general communication should be immediate; situational communication "please simulate on site" "please Think of the examiner as who ", etc., we must pay attention to the sense of situation, change to the first person, may speak very popular.

Fifth, comprehensive analysis is the most complicated. The only way to ask the question is to look at it. The purpose and reason of the starting point of view is always the countermeasure.

The questioning method is "What do you think?" There are many types of comprehensive analysis, but it is easier to judge.

6. The planning organization should be clear. The overall purpose is still part, and the overall purpose must be added before, after, and partly according to the question method.

The question method "How do you organize?" "How do you do it?" "What do you do?" There must be a type of activity or organization in the title stem.

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