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Studying in Australia

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Original title: Studying and Working in Australia

The tuition and living expenses in Australia are a lot of expenses. For ordinary international students, the pressure of studying abroad is relatively great, so many students will choose to work to earn living expenses.

The following guides how Australian students work legally.

Australian student employment policy

1. The Australian Government requires that if you are applying for a student visa, starting from April 26, 2008, the student Australian visa will come with a work permit visa, and the age of working must be 18 years or older.

2. In addition, the school also stipulates that two weeks of work and study can be 40 hours, and holidays can be relaxed.

3. When international students go to Australia to study and start work, they will be affected by Australian tax laws. International students must apply to the Australian Taxation Office for a tax payment number.

The minimum wage in Australia is $ 18.93 per hour. The government stipulates that students studying in Australia can work 20 hours a week on average, and there is no working time limit during holidays. There are many types of work that can be performed: waiters, dishwashers in restaurants or hotels, cashiers in supermarkets, cleaners, fruit picking on the farm, harvesting, etc. The minimum wage set by the government is AUD 18.93 / hour. The jobs provided on campus are mainly classroom cleaning or school sanitation. Salaries are generally above RMB 60 per hour.

Generally speaking, the income earned by international students working in Australia each month is around RMB 7,000 ~ 12,000, which is enough to cover the cost of living. When studying in Australia, on average, the tuition for undergraduates is 100,000 to 150,000 yuan per year, and the tuition for master students is about 120,000 to 160,000 yuan per year. Living costs vary from city to city. Sydney and Melbourne require 100,000 yuan per year for living expenses, while other cities require approximately 70,000 to 80,000 yuan per year.

Recommended careers in Australia

1.Administrative Assistant

This job is tedious, you may have to make coffee, sort mail, write mail, schedule, copy documents and so on. It can also be considered a rudimentary level of entry into the office environment, and you may do a lot of repetitive work every day.

Advantages: relatively simple work, regular working hours (9 am-5pm), reasonable salary;

Disadvantages: Very boring and monotonous, not having much communication with others.

2.Sales Assistant

The place is usually in a supermarket or retail store, and the tasks include helping customers, loading and cleaning. The popularity is probably due to the high liquidity and flexibility of the retail industry. In addition, it is also a better way to improve spoken English, because there is a lot of communication with the staff or colleagues every day.

Advantages: flexible working environment, a lot of time to practice English, usually 5: 30 off work.

Disadvantages: Relatively low salary, early working hours, standing a little tired all day.

3.Waitress waiter

Many Australian students choose this part-time job. Working in a restaurant may require cleaning, serving and drinks, ordering, and spending time with customers. Some Australian restaurants value service, so this job may also include some training and pressure from work.

Advantages: Reasonable remuneration, English can be practiced, working hours will be busy and not boring;

Disadvantages: If working long hours will be tiring, some customers will be difficult to get along with, Australia does not have tipping habits.

4.hen hand

This is the most demanding job. The chef may have some dishwashing tasks and some simple food preparation tasks. In addition, it may be late to help in the kitchen because you have to wait until the restaurant is closed to do the cleaning work.

Advantages: good salary, fast time when busy, exercise well;

Disadvantages: tired for a long time, some chefs are difficult to get along with, less communication with people, and may be stressful.

5.ender bar waiter

This job is more suitable for those who prefer to chat with strangers. Work may include content such as bartending, entertaining customers, etc. You need to endure drunk people, work long hours, and do not be too serious in your work.

Advantages: good salary, non-monotonous working environment, can practice English;

Disadvantages: long time, need to face drunk customers, late at work.

6.Centre Staff Call Center Staff

This is a part-time job that can best practice spoken English. The job content is all day calling, selling products or after-sales work. Many international students like this job and the working environment is good.

Advantages: good treatment, flexible working conditions, interesting working environment, and able to practice speaking;

Disadvantage: May repeat the same content many times a day without physical activity.

7.Consumer Services Officer

This job is more suitable for students who are good at getting along with others. Job content includes handling customer complaints, customer requests, specific requirements, and more. If you do this job, students will be a bridge between the company and the customer. It is very challenging and meaningful.

Advantage: Compared with other part-time jobs, this job faces more psychological pressure. If you want to take an organizational management position in the future, this is a good start and a good salary;

Disadvantages: Small mistakes can also cause huge losses to the company, which can be stressful.

Job hunting precautions

first step

You need to have an account with an Australian bank so that employers can pay normally.

Second step

You must apply for a tax ID. A tax number is a string of personal numbers in the Australian tax system. This is very important, but tax evasion is not enough.

How much is part-time salary in Australia

The Australian government requires that all jobs be paid at wages. The salary level is directly proportional to your work skills and manual labor.

Many of the friends who choose to study in Australia have a lot of academic pressure, so there is a rule in Australia that student visa holders are only allowed to work part-time for 40 hours every 2 weeks, and the holiday time is unlimited.

The thing to pay attention to when working part-time in Australia is to adapt to life before finding a part-time job. When you first arrive in Australia, you first need to adapt and become familiar with the environment and practice language communication. It is recommended to start looking for part-time work after 1 week. Of course, it depends on personal circumstances.

Also, be sure to find out if your visa allows legal work. This information can be found on the official website of the Department of Immigration and Borders (DIBP). Then apply for your own tax ID. When working in Australia, students must first apply for their own tax ID, but it is also a common method to directly find the deposit without the tax ID.

Students should focus on learning. Australian schools attach great importance to attendance rate. If the attendance rate is lower than 80%, they may be expelled from the school. Therefore, everyone must balance study and part-time work.

Refuse discrimination and beware of scams! If you are looking for a job in Australia, if your employer requires you to provide relevant gender, age, nationality, height and weight, marital status, etc., these are not allowed and it is illegal! Because there is a clear stipulation in Australia that all workers are equal, employers only need to choose whether to accept based on their ability to work, but not based on the applicant's international, gender, color, marital status, etc.

When a labor dispute arises, you must use legal means to protect yourself, although wage arrears are rare in Australia.

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