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The latest interview questions in 2019, 3 common interview question answering tips!

release: 07-20 Category: Job Search Tips

As we all know, during the job interview, you will encounter a variety of HR and interviewers. Each of them has a different work experience, and the questions asked are naturally different. So what kind of questions should candidates pay attention to, and what kind of questions will the interviewer ask during the interview? It headhunter believes that no matter what kind of interviewer the job seeker will meet, as long as the following 3 common interview questions are answered, the interview can be done with less effort.

Interview Questions

1. What advantages do you think you have

What questions does the interviewer ask during the interview? According to it headhunters, for example, in the interview questionbook, some interviewers will ask, what do you think you have? This is a question that many job applicants will think is an interviewer who wants to understand their own questions.

In fact, this question shows from the side that the interviewer is examining whether you are qualified for the job. For example, you can answer this: I have worked at Ali, have been exposed to many practical projects, and have had a lot of training experience during the period, which makes me very confident in this job. Therefore, job seekers should calm down, be clear-cut and firm when answering questions, master this answering technique, and tell the interviewer through your answers that you are the most suitable person for the job.

2. What do you think of overtime?

Now many companies are silently implementing the 996 mode. It executives believe that in the interview questionbook, many interviewers will ask job applicants about their views on overtime. In fact, many interviewers ask this question, not necessarily overtime. Just want to test your willingness to dedicate to the company.

Therefore, job seekers should answer the actual work situation when answering the question. For example, if work requires me to work overtime without objection, I now need to upgrade my skills in all aspects of the work, and I am single now and can devote myself to work, but at the same time, I will also improve work efficiency. Reduce unnecessary overtime.

3. What are your requirements for salary

According to it executive search, each company's organizational structure is different, and salaries of people at different levels are also different. Job seekers must not make arbitrary decisions when facing interviewers' questions about your salary requirements. If your salary requirements are too low, you seem to degrade your ability too much; if your salary requirements are too high, you will appear to be "too expensive" and may exceed the company's expectations and the company will not be able to afford it.

So, according to one of the answers in the interview questionbook, job seekers can respond this way: I have 2 years of work experience, and I am very familiar with some daily tools or documents. I hope that the salary of this job will be higher than mine. A higher salary for a job can make me more confident in the job; on the other hand, it can encourage me to concentrate on my work. It is only required that employees have mastered the answering skills in the interview questionbook. No matter what questions the interviewer asks, they can easily respond.

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