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Interview Tips: Does the interview fail? Don't worry, tell you the method!

release: 07-20 Category: Job Search Tips

Interviewing is a very important process when college students graduate and get employment. Some college students feel overwhelmed or fail to do well in this process, making themselves unable to achieve success due to small mistakes in job hunting. Every day I traveled to various high-end office buildings. Although I have resumes every day, I will receive interviews. Is the resume not good enough? Or are there not enough certificates and fewer awards? In fact, in my opinion, the most important thing is the interviewer's impression of the job applicant during the interview. So what should I prepare for the interview to find the job I want and successfully pass the interview?

First, the interview is actually face-to-face communication between people. During the interview and conversation process, it includes visual communication and verbal communication. If you want to achieve high visual scores, as a job seeker, you should pay attention to your own appearance and appearance to be appropriate. Don't wear fashionable and casual clothes in the interview. For the nature of your job, choose a suit that suits you. External image, including choice of clothes, choice of hairstyle, etc. Girls can apply light makeup, which gives people a fresh and natural feeling.

2. Prepare for the interview. To impress the examiner, he must be prepared carefully, meticulously, and comprehensively in advance, and do his homework according to different types of recruitment scenarios. When faced with corporate recruitment, it is necessary to make preparations from dress code, conversation, corporate background, corporate culture, and status and trends of corporate development. The most important thing is to target the positions required by the company, and to actively match them. Qi, with sufficient preparation, you will be full of confidence, so it will be difficult for the examiner to impress you. Bold new innovations have a higher success rate in corporate interviews.

Third, don't exaggerate yourself. This is a mistake that many job seekers will make. Feeling that blowing yourself higher will increase the chance of successful interviews. Some specialties will naturally give you extra points, but it is best not to try to exaggerate, because the interviewer must have more than you in this job experience. If he asks you some very professional questions and you ca n’t answer them, then Not so good. It's best to be realistic. If you are a fresh graduate, it is normal for you to have less work experience. After all, the interviewer was a fresh graduate a few years ago. He can actually understand it.

Fourth, do not inferiority. Some job seekers are frightened and are afraid to look directly at the interviewer. In fact, you don't have to do this. When you answer the question, pay attention to the interviewer with normal eyes to show respect. Don't lower your head and answer the question while picking up your hands. It is depressing, confident, and smiling, but also Too exaggerated, staring at the interviewer, this will inevitably be a little embarrassing.

In fact, being able to impress the interviewer is only the first step to success, but this is also the most important step to get a high score. If you are smart, curious and enthusiastic, these will increase the interviewer's affection for you. If you communicate with the interviewer, he finds that you can quickly realize what he said and even supplement what he thinks. Please. Curiosity and enthusiasm, as well as a wide range of technical interests, are also significant points.

面试结束 之后, 要表达感谢 After the interview , thank you ! 比如: 非常感谢跟您的谈话,但愿能够被录取,为贵公司工作 ”,“ 今天能有机会向你当面学习请教,非常感谢 等等,总之要表达出感激之情,加深面试官对你的印象! End the interview politely , for example: " Thank you very much for talking with you, I hope to be accepted and work for your company ", " Today I have the opportunity to learn from you in person, thank you very much " and so on. Gratitude, deepen the interviewer's impression of you!

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