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How many of these skills do you use for a successful job interview?

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The topic of interviews is no stranger to most people. So for many people, although you receive a lot of business interview calls, after you go through rounds of interviews, you find that the success rate of the interviews is too low. But it is unknown, so whenever you are late at night, you may often remember that the communication process between you and the recruiter was obviously very pleasant to each other at that time, but you could not wait for the other party's job notification. So often you will feel very confused. In fact, during the interview process, job seekers need to learn the skills to show their knowledge, wisdom and abilities. So the success of an interview often depends on various channel details?

首先面试过程就是你和面试官彼此交流的互动,在面试官会声东击西的考察你,所以应试者在面谈的时候,需要灵活的发挥相关的专业话题,尽量在面试过程中要保持自信。 1. First of all, the interview process is the interaction between you and the interviewer. The interviewer will talk about you in an interview, so the interviewee needs to flexibly display relevant professional topics during the interview, and try to maintain confidence during the interview process. This can cause the interviewer to pay attention to you, and also reflect your ability to communicate and adapt!

职场的形象在面试场合中也是第一印象,决定着面试官是否愿意和你往下交流的要素。 2. The image of the workplace is also the first impression in the interview situation, which determines whether the interviewer is willing to communicate with you. For example: in dress: the color should not be too bright or too dark. Girls should feel dignified and mature. Boys are best to feel mature, confident, and stable! As for the hairstyle, as long as the hair is not too exaggerated, it will not be a big problem.

职场礼仪同样也是给面试官第一直觉,例如你的言谈举止是否得体,这些对于久经职场的面试官来说,他很快能判断出你是否有工作经验。 3. Workplace etiquette also gives the interviewer the first sense, such as whether your speech is decent, for those interviewers who have been in the workplace for a long time, he can quickly determine whether you have work experience. Therefore, different communication methods should be decided according to different interviewers! But almost all are inseparable from each other, for example: first met chirps, smiles, sitting postures and so on.

面试过程中总会谈到待遇,有很多领导他也许会让你说出你心中的薪资,也有会直接告诉你底薪多少等。 4. During the interview, there will always be talk about treatment. There are many leaders who may let you tell your salary, and some will directly tell you how much the basic salary is. In fact, the interviewer has defined your ability, personality, and work attitude through communication with you, so if you do not want to fail the interview, then the best way for you to ask the interviewer is to retreat. Find out what the interviewer thinks of you! Then you make a decision.

任何一场的面试过程,都是双方的能力和智慧在较量。 5. In any interview process, the competence and wisdom of both parties are competing. In the process of this game, only those who have real strength but are well versed in interview skills and strategies can win beautifully. So in this process, the process of communication between you and the recruiter should try to reflect the value you bring to the enterprise, the technical expertise, talent and wisdom.

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