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8 interview job hunting tips to help you find the most suitable job, hurry up and take a look!

release: 07-20 Category: Job Search Tips

After the Chinese New Year's passion subsided, more and more people started to look for work again, so now a new wave of job search has begun!

As the saying goes, the plan for the year lies in the spring and the plan for the day lies in the morning, so I believe that at this time, most of the people have returned to work, which is what we usually call the "start". Job fair, if you just resigned last year, or if you are planning to change jobs, then you should take a good look at this article. Maybe it can help you find the most suitable job for you. You have a hand.

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Find your own position and clear your goals

Three hundred and sixty lines, line by line number one. It is technical talents, preparing their own technology is a very long-term investment and experience accumulation of professional skills are very skilled, so first of all, we must define our own positioning, look at what you do on the line? As the industry division becomes more and more detailed, each industry has the most professional talents. For example, the pastry chef includes baking, bread, cake making, dim sum making, Chinese food pastry, etc. Yes, they will be good at and focus on. For example, you are a UI designer, but the design industry includes many positions, including Tmall art, graphic design, interactive APP design, web site design, etc., if You used to be a Tmall artist, but you applied for movie poster advertising design. Without long-term professional accumulation, it will be difficult to do the job. So it is important to be clear about your positioning and goals.

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一份完美的求职简历是你的脸面。 Real job resume, emphasizing excellent resume A perfect job resume is your face. When you go to the interview, prepare a copy of your resume in advance. The resume represents the success and failure of all your past jobs. It also reflects your personal value on the side, so the general interviewer will look at your work experience column. It's important to understand your people, your values, your career outlook, and also whether you will work with their company for a long time. Borrow a job search app for precise positioning

Now there are many apps for job hunting and job hunting. The most representative ones are 58 cities in the same city. The most popular ones are bosses, direct bosses, worry-free JOB, Zhilian recruitment, and hooks. I personally think it ’s most reliable to ask for direct BOSS employment, because it can achieve The initial communication between job seekers and interviewers saves time. You can also push related recruitment units according to your own strengths to save time and improve efficiency. Moreover, both parties have information disclosed to each other. You can call to explore the truth first.

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Answer the interviewer's questions accurately and meticulously

When interviewing, you must be articulate and articulate clearly. The examiner will also give a lot of questions about your personal quality. Most of the questions are related to the job you are doing. For example, he will ask you how your experience is. For the future What are your career plans and requirements for your company? Salary requirements? Then the remaining problems are to understand you from the side, to secretly measure your interpersonal, emotional intelligence, attitude toward life, etc.

Learn the company's humanities in advance

Each company has its own cultural literacy and cultural environment, which you need to know in advance, because these cultural environments are different, sometimes it will cause certain obstacles in understanding and communication between you, so you can learn in advance To what kind of requirements do they have for employees, if you can adapt to such an environment, you can go for an interview. If you look at it, you find that there is little communication between employees, not so active, the office atmosphere is depressed, and colleagues usually The relationship between them is very tense, so do n’t think about it for now

Formulate work plan and actively accumulate experience

A perfect work plan can remind you to work harder, save your time and energy, and from the perspective of the employer, you will also find that you are a hard working person, motivated, positive and optimistic, which is equivalent to a certain degree It can also drive the negative emotions of old employees, so new employees entering the workplace are giving others a very positive and positive attitude. Using this attitude to deal with all problems at work, it is easy to find problems and solve problems. Can be appreciated by the boss

If there is a problem, solve it in time

As a senior leader said, I asked you to come to solve the problem, not to cause trouble, so when you enter a company, you must solve the various problems handled in the company with the spirit of ownership. Because many employees now think that they are new, many things are not related to themselves, a high-hanging attitude, can be dragged, and feel that these are not problems within their own business, so do not take the initiative to help, to solve This will affect the harmony of the team, so the most important thing for a company is to help the team, and must solve these problems in a timely manner within its own capacity, not to cause trouble for the company. Only in this way can the boss be affected Appreciation, and to a certain extent can also drive the enthusiasm of the entire team,

我们都需要用长远的目光去看待,去看待这家公司以后要做什么? Long-term vision, focus on development, we all need to look at it with a long-term perspective, what to do with this company in the future? How to go public, how to guarantee the product, and various problems, you ca n’t be a newcomer to this company and feel that you can learn everything and everything is fresh, but you will feel that there is no development in this company for a while. Without a future, and slipped away quietly, then in this case, you will never find a suitable job, because any company and enterprise has a process of slowly growing, plus in recent years, many people have chosen This is the way to start a business, so this way, the start-up company, the initial stage, the revenue target is not very clear, so you need to strengthen your own learning, clear your goals, and further focus on the company's development and the company's common growth. It has the trust of the company, so we must have a long-term look at the job application. Gold will always shine.

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