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Interview Strategy-How much do you know?

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The interview is the first threshold for every job applicant to enter the company. How to win in the fierce competition?

The following is the interview process and the interview experience skills of Nianba, to introduce to you.

Interview process

1: Technical interview process

Does the technology have depth

Briefly introduce the project. Others can grasp the depth of your project from your introduction.

Describe the project cycle and your role in the project.

Describe what functions are implemented (project responsibilities similar to resume project modules).

Describe some of the technical points you have used (similar to the technical points of the resume project module).

What is the difficulty of the project? Solutions and techniques are introduced.

What are the highlights of the project? Is there any outstanding technology in implementation?

2: Personnel interview process

Personnel inspection

Self-introduction: If you can't introduce yourself, it is estimated that you will be defeated at the level of gaining the favor of the interviewer.

If you can't give the interviewer a good first impression, then even if you can pour out your full economy, you will probably get half the result with half the effort.

Reason for leaving: This is actually very important, you need to think about it in advance.

Situation of the original company (address, number of people): Understand the status of the original company and fully grasp the true reasons for your departure

Your current residential address: It is mainly to understand that it is inconvenient for you to go to the new company.

Your opinion on overtime: on the one hand, whether you can endure hardships, and on the other hand, whether it can match the job you are applying for, but generally ask you if you have any opinions on overtime

Generally, the positions you apply for require overtime.

Do you know their company? The purpose of asking this is to see if you have a serious understanding of their company's business and job responsibilities.

3: Self-introduction (Controlled in about 2 minutes)

Name, place of origin

Education, major

Work experience (years, last company for short)

Involved in the development of projects

Personality characteristics, hobbies

Pros and cons

The above information needs to be prepared in advance before the interview, especially the advantages and disadvantages. This is a difficult topic to answer and requires careful thinking and preparation.

Four: Interview Skills

The skills are zhongy

Tip one: how to grasp the time

For self-introduction, do not go too far, if it is too embarrassing, the interviewer will have to retract the topic. Self-introduction can only be-halfway.

Tip 2: Just talk about the advantages related to the position

When you introduce yourself, you have to put in the achievements you want, and these achievements must be related to the nature of the business of the current company. During the interview,

Not only do you have to tell the examiner how good you are, but you have to tell the examiner how you fit into the job.

For those content that has nothing to do with the interview, even if you are proud of the advantages and strengths, you must bear it.

Tip 3: Take the truth as a prerequisite

When introducing yourself, you must highlight your personal strengths and strengths. You can use a few tricks, such as introducing what you have done to verify your ability.


You can also appropriately quote other people's remarks, such as comments from teachers, friends, etc. to support your own description. But no matter what tricks you use,

We must insist on speaking with facts, and use less words, exclamations and the like. When talking about weaknesses, be calm, optimistic, and confident.

Technique 4: Get rid of stage fright-talk about using the "3P principle"

When talking about self-introduction, you should keep in mind the "3P principles": Positive, Personal, Pertinent.

Answer calmly, highlight your personality, and emphasize your professionalism and ability.

The other is that you need to prepare your own industry skills. Corresponding to those who have just graduated, they usually need a written test.

No written test is required.

Finally, I wish you a successful interview and a big picture.


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