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Golden three has gone, silver four is more than half! Master these job search skills!

release: 07-20 Category: Job Search Tips

In the workplace, there have always been "gold three silver four" and "gold nine silver ten" statements, which refer to the two peak periods of job search in a year.

Gold three has passed, silver four is more than half, have you found a good job and got your favorite job offer?

April is one of the good times to find a job, and many students from Watson Zhiyuan have completed their employment. This article shared today is suitable for students who are about to enter the last semester or have just entered the last semester.

Students should all know that each of the semesters of Huaxin Zhiyuan has professional teachers to organize job-creation training courses. How can I get my favorite job offer? In addition to passing the skills, interview skills are also critical.

Today, I will share some interview tips, including preparations for interviews, questions that should be paid attention to during the interview, and how to promote yourself in the interview.

Preparation for the interview

When it comes to interviews, you must prepare for the interview, including three aspects:

1. Preparation for interview etiquette

It is best to be more formal in order to dress well, which will make the interviewer feel good.

2. Preparation for self-introduction

Draft and practice more. Pay attention to self-introduction time around 3 is more appropriate. Concentrated, decent, but thank you after the presentation!

Self-introduction content: It should be consistent with personal resume, and try to be spoken as much as possible. Self-introduction should be based on the needs of the post. The presentation should be clear and clear.

3. Telephone interview skills

5W in a telephone interview

Job search skills

Why: Why do recruiting companies conduct telephone interviews?

What: What to ask on the phone

Who: Who is on the phone

Where: You have to pick a place when you answer the phone

When: Do the right thing at the right time

Preparation of interview items: works, resumes, etc.

The interview is the beginning of the interviewer, followed by the time of self-introduction. After the self-introduction, the interviewer often puts questions. The questions are generally divided into two categories, technical questions and non-technical questions.

Non-technical issues and corresponding skills

Both human resources and technical staff will ask, but human resources will ask more. Non-technical problems represent students' communication and learning abilities.

Common non-technical questions 1: Talk about your family situation

The interviewer wants to understand your character, ideas and mindset.

The answer is to simply list the family population, and emphasize a warm and harmonious family atmosphere when expressing.

Common non-technical question 2: What do you think is your biggest weakness?

You can't say that you have no shortcomings, you can't say those obvious advantages are shortcomings, you can't say the shortcomings that seriously affect the job you are applying for, you can't say some uncomfortable and uncomfortable shortcomings.

Common non-technical question 3: Which person has the most influence on you ?

The interviewer wants to know where your future career is likely to go.

Why do you think they have the most impact on you?

In what ways did they affect you the most?

Common non-technical problems 4: Tell us about your most failed experience so far and its impact on you

Can effectively reflect the depth and breadth of our life course, preferably experience in project development.

Common non-technical question 5: What hobbies do you have?

The purpose of the interviewer is to use this to judge your character, upbringing, humanity, and character

Common non-technical question 6: How did you know that we were hiring for this position?

The interviewer wants to know how much you know about the company

Common non-technical question 7: Tell me three things about this company

The interviewer wants to know how much you know about the company. We can know more about the interview company in advance.

Common non-technical questions 8: Why did you come to work for our company?

Emphasize that he has room for development in the company, and emphasize that he can immediately enter the team development, complete the corresponding development tasks, and contribute to the project progress.

Common non-technical questions 9: Do you have any questions about the company?

This is usually the last question in the interview process, which can ask the company's development prospects, and questions related to the content of the job application.

Non-technical questions are generally not difficult, but often a question is not answered properly, which will likely cause the interview to fail, so you need to master the common question answering skills.

In general, you must show a positive and confident mental outlook and status. Don't talk nonsense, gossip, or exaggerate. Use real data and cases to conquer interviewers.

Job search skills

Technical issues, this is our professional ability to be considered. Excellent skills are the most important. Students who have not graduated pay attention: Be sure to lay the foundation, ask the teacher to solve the problem as soon as possible, and check it in time. Omissions.

Failure is the mother of success. For the first time, it is normal to find a job you are not satisfied with. Don't be discouraged! Constantly summarize and improve, I believe you will eventually get your favorite offer!

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