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A few tips for telephone interviews, especially the last one is too important

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Recently, there are many friends who are looking for work around the editor. As an HR, I often talk to them about some problems in the job search process and give some suggestions. But recently the editor found a problem: Few people pay attention to the telephone interview. It seems that everyone feels that at most it is just a few words on the phone, and the pass rate is very high. Generally speaking, there are at least 2 invitations for interviews on 3 calls.

Xiao Bian wants to say that friends who think so are still too naive. First of all, the telephone interview is a very important part, it is definitely worth our serious preparation. Secondly, should the telephone interview pass rate be 100%? If the pass rate of your phone interview is not 100%, then please reflect on your question!

What is a telephone interview

The so-called telephone interview is that after HR searches for your resume for the first time, before calling to invite you for an interview, he will simply ask a few questions on the phone and make a preliminary judgment on your basic communication skills.

The reason why this part of the telephone interview is easy to be overlooked is that a large part of the reason is that some informal companies or unprofessional HR do not conduct telephone interviews at all!

Most companies now call job candidates to confirm the interview time. But some irresponsible HRs are really just calling and telling the time and place of the interview, and do not do extra communication. Why is this irresponsible? Job seekers have time costs for on-site interviews. HR does not judge the basic qualities of job applicants and directly invites interviews. The mentality is: Anyway, you come first and then talk. In this way, some job applicants are really not suitable for the job, and often run for nothing.

So if you receive an invitation call and the other party hasn't done a simple phone interview, don't hurry. This is not necessarily a good thing.

Learn to distinguish between "real and fake" telephone interviews

How can there be "fake" in a telephone interview? This editor has been introduced in an article in the previous two days. The so-called "fake" telephone interview is when the company searches for your resume on the Internet, and the phone lied that you sent it on your own initiative-most job seekers often don't remember which companies and positions they have delivered, so don't Sorry to follow up on the specific situation of the company and position, and can only accept invitations. At the interview site, I found that it is a less formal company. What's more important is that the offer from such companies is often much lower than the market price, and you will "fudge" you by various means.

The telephone interviews of these companies are often very short. When you come up and bring the company name along, you ca n’t understand the job applicants and they ca n’t respond. They will not ask any questions, they just need to inform you of the time and place, and emphasize that they must be present on time. In the end, I will also give you a text message, and the text does not mention the company name-this is obviously afraid that you go online to understand the true situation of the company.

How to do a phone interview

First of all, we have to understand that HR can only do simple communication during a telephone interview. There is no way to make effective judgments in this communication mode. So what you answer is not the most important thing.

The real point of the telephone interview is that it must be clear and fluent, so that HR feels that your communication skills are good, and it is fine. Other content can be discussed in detail after the meeting.

In addition, the randomness of telephone interviews is very strong. When you get a call, you may drive on the road, cook in the kitchen, or even work at a company. At this time, we must use the fastest time to organize our thoughts, be prepared, and then pick up the phone. Even if the state is poor, we must pass a full state to the HR through voice.

how about it? Having said that, do you understand the phone interview?

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