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Australia's latest survey: 485 visas are rarely helpful for international students

release: 07-16 Category: Job Search Tips

China Overseas.net, July 11. According to the Australian Fast News website, the Australian newspaper reported that a recent Australian survey revealed that many international students believe that the right to work in Australia after graduation has little effect on their competitive advantage in the Australian labor market. help.

A study by Li Thi Tran, Ph.D. at Deakin Univer-sity, found that those holding a 485 temporary graduate visa have many job search obstacles, including proficiency in English and knowledge of the local workplace culture. To make matters worse, employers lack understanding of the status and intentions of international students holding the 485 visa, and there is a great misunderstanding. Many graduates can only say that the 485 visa is their channel to obtain a permanent residence visa in order to make the employer understand.

The report said that with the intensification of global talent competition, an education system that can work with communities, governments, and employers will become the forefront of competition. This requires all parties to work together to understand more about the obstacles to the employability of international students; all parties should also pay more attention to countermeasures to solve problems and increase joint investment in resources.

Brett Berquist, director of the International Department of the University of Auckland in charge of the relevant main report, believes that in recent years, in the context of countries pushing forward relevant strategies to win (study abroad) markets, employability has become A key driver of the international education market. In English-speaking countries, which are major study destinations, graduates' right to work is considered one of the most effective strategies to attract international students.

To this end, the Queensland Government of Australia announced a pilot program: This program, called the Global Skills Passport, will be launched in Cairns in July to improve the employability of international students. The project is expected to be rolled out statewide in the coming months.

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