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Bengbu Medical College: Taking the Enhancement of Students' Comprehensive Quality as Employment Guarantee

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Original Title: Bengbu Medical College: Taking the Enhancement of Students' Comprehensive Quality as Employment Guarantee

"With the continuous development of social development and national healthcare reform, changes in medical personnel training models and employment patterns will bring new challenges to school running and employment. Graduate employment is related to the country's economic development, people's livelihood security and social stability. The task is arduous and of great significance. Bengbu Medical College has always adhered to the fundamental task of “building people with morality,” focusing on building a linkage mechanism of teaching, internship, and employment to stabilize the development of the job market; implementing specialized and comprehensive employment services to protect graduates Employment is a good situation. "Zhang Tan, Minister of Propaganda of the Party Committee of Bengbu Medical College, said.

In recent years, Bengbu Medical College has paid close attention to teaching quality, conscientiously implemented teaching reforms focusing on quality engineering, strengthened teaching "monitoring", promoted reform of the teaching model of clinical colleges, comprehensively improved teaching standards, improved students' professional abilities and accomplishments, and enhanced Employment competitiveness. Adhere to the fundamental task of "building people with moral character", vigorously strengthen the ideological and political education of students, and give full play to the educational role of the school history and school history exhibition hall. In addition, the "Mussels Medical Culture Lecture Hall" is dedicated to promoting traditional culture; the "Housheng Tang" Medical Humanities Museum aims to strengthen the education of students' humanistic spirit; formulate the implementation plan of social practice curriculum, and conduct social practice activities for students to Credits are recognized; young volunteer activities such as caring services, medical care, and environmental protection are carried out. Through various efforts, the comprehensive and coordinated development of students 'knowledge, abilities, and qualities is finally achieved to meet social needs and improve graduates' employment competitiveness. .

At Bengbu Medical College, many students have a Graduate Employment Guide compiled by the school itself. Since it is a guide, it must be instructive.

"Our school will implement the employment guidance courses, special lectures, thematic class meetings and other forms in stages according to the actual situation of students of different majors and grades, and gradually strengthen the environmental construction, self-construction, and teacher building of employment guidance courses. The teacher of the "Employment Guidance" class told the author.

In addition, Bengbu Medical College also set up a college student employment guidance teaching and research room, focusing on employment guidance institutions and team building, set up graduate employment guidance centers, with full-time staff, regularly conduct employment guidance teacher training, and establish a strict training system to form a Supports a relatively stable professional workforce with strong ability and dedication, which is composed of the three levels of school, college and grade.

In terms of education on innovation and entrepreneurship, the colleges affiliated with Bengbu Medical College have conducted employment and entrepreneurship education through themed classes and employment and entrepreneurship guidance lectures to help students establish concepts of independent entrepreneurship, flexible employment, and competitive employment, and have established university students' innovation and entrepreneurship. The training plan leadership group, expert group, and the steering committee for college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education; establishing a cooperative education mechanism for school-enterprise cooperation and school-land cooperation; and building a national-level college student innovation and entrepreneurship practice base and an off-campus practice base.

“By establishing a detailed database, in accordance with the principles of“ focus attention, recommendation, and service ”, through the help of“ one help one ”and the individualized guidance of“ one to one ”, students are helped to solve financial, psychological, and job search Practical difficulties in skills, "Zhang Tan said.

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