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SEO job search positions and application skills and strategies

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Various Internet projects, novices can operate, almost all of them have zero threshold

According to the current market demand for SEO personnel, I made an estimate myself: probably the gap in demand for SEO personnel in the human market is about 3 million. Let me share with you some knowledge about SEO job interviews:

First, career choice. As a SEO technician, what kind of positions should we look for? This depends on your own ability plus your own opportunities. If we have a strong comprehensive ability, then our choice of interviews is very wide. So which professions can we choose from, there are three positions for you to choose from.

1. SEO Specialist. What does an SEO specialist do? That is specifically from publishing external links, writing articles, and data analysis. Of course, we are also called external chain specialists, article writing specialists, and data analysis specialists. This position has a very wide market demand. . A few days ago I saw some SEO technicians in the market pay attention during the interview. As long as your basic SEO skills are solid, the probability of you being hired is very high. Of course, the current salary of these positions is around 3,000 to 7,000 yuan. This is the first entry in the SEO position. If you are an SEO person who is entering the workplace and is just getting started, you need to be familiar with SEO operation skills in this position as an SEO specialist to lay the foundation for future development. In addition to general commissioners: external chain commissioners, content commissioners, and data analysis commissioners, there are also keyword mining commissioners in larger companies, such as Baidu and Alibaba.

2. SEO supervisor. SEO supervisor is a relatively decent job. It is mainly responsible for the SEO responsible for corporate and company websites. Compared with the previous one, it is much easier. Of course, SEO supervisors need more sophisticated SEO technology. At least you have a unique vision than ordinary people. , You are better at dealing with the things around you and the relationship between colleagues. The current market price of SEO executives is about 5,000 to 10,000 yuan. If you are more confident in yourself, then you can try and challenge your abilities. The SEO supervisor requires you to stay in the position of SEO for at least one year or more. The main task is to write questions about planning, decision-making, internal training of the enterprise, and the formulation and quotation of related contracts. If you want to take this position, you Need to accumulate a lot of experience, at least in many industries you know, and proficient in SEO related problems.

3. SEO consultant . This position is set up relative to its predecessors in the SEO industry. General SEO staff are incompetent. So what do SEO consultants do? Generally, it is to train related SEO techniques for enterprise employees and give the company some development. Prospective experience and give some guidance to corporate websites. Wages are very substantial, and they are generally in the unit of ten thousand. This is a higher grade than the SEO supervisor, because the SEO consultant is mainly to give some suggestions for the company and the company to guide the SEO of the company.

Of course, in addition to the above, you can also become an SEO expert. If you want to be an SEO expert, you may have to work in the position of SEO for about two or three years. Of course, experts are not verbal, but they are very proficient in SEO technology, so that they are qualified for this position.

Second, after years of research on SEO, and experienced a lot of hardships in the society, I will share with you what skills and strategies SEO applications should have:

In the application of SEO, many people are not incompetent, but good-looking, afraid that you will lose face if others do not recruit, in fact it is not. Many people learn SEO not to find a job, but to earn some extra money. If you think about it, then you are wrong, because in fact SEO can also provide you with a good job, then How to find the right SEO job for you?

1. Submit your resume on iRecruitment. In your resume, you can write "system has participated in SEO training" or "some organization participated in SEO system training", etc., so that the director of the recruiting company or company can believe in your technology, then next Your application seems easier.

2, the future worry-free investment resume. Generally, when you apply for a job, do n’t ask others what you answer. This often has a low chance of successful interviews. You can also do this, but when someone asks you a question, you ask him two or three questions instead. What does it do? Can you show me the company's website… .. ”Then you can take advantage of your advantage. You can give some suggestions to the company ’s website, such as:“ You guys do n’t agree with this place. Search engine optimization rules. "So if the company's SEO staff is hiring you, he will know how much your SEO level is, and if your suggestions are useful, then the boss of the company will definitely be interested in you.

3. 58 resumes in the same city. The same city 58 is relatively dominant for the Internet industry and is a very good platform, so when you submit your resume, do n’t just vote for a few of the industry, but you can vote for the entire industry, and it is not regular Do more than a few times, because some companies have a large number of candidates, your resume may be ignored.

What do you need to do after submitting your resume? Then you just have to sit down and wait for the phone. As for the company that is applying for you to accept you, whether you want to go there is your own choice.

The above is for you to share, I hope to help your SEO career.

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